Cleopatra was said to preserve her youthful look by bathing every day in donkey’s milk. Nowadays, you would need a lot of money and donkeys to follow the example of the beautiful ruler of Egypt.

It is fair to say that Cleopatra was a woman of high intelligence, culture, and control, above all. She knew how to act only to show her best profile on all occasions, whether she was invited at ceremonial events or she was trying to seduce Caesar. It’s her ability to play with every aspect of her physique that ensures her eternally youthful look. Nowadays, doctors agree that the next Fountain of Youth isn’t to be found in donkey’s milk but the manipulation of stem cells. However, here too, the odds of being able to afford such an innovative treatment are low!

Instead, you can consider alternatives that, without being inexpensive, remain friendly to your budget.

The True Cost Of Youthfulness
Jeans Create a Youthful Look – Image Source: Pixabay

Your skin-friendly diet is not cheap

You are what you eat. When it comes to your skin, the food you choose can play a significant role in preserving your looks and maintaining the natural elasticity and firmness of the skin. Indeed, your skin needs plenty of vitamins to boost healing, collagen production and glow. To check your skin’s health, nothing beats a Hollywood vanity mirror with lights However, don’t be fooled by the belief that you could get your essential skin health diet from anywhere. In reality, you need fresh products that can meet your requirements. However, there is an important cost issue to consider when it comes to food. While studies have demonstrated that it isn’t more expensive to eat healthy food, they often fail to recognize the nutritional value of each item. Indeed, if you are to prioritize skin health, you need to opt for foods that are rich in antioxidants, collagen boosts such as zinc, or even vitamin C. So it’s not a matter of whether you should buy fruit and vegs, but it’s a matter of buying what works for your skin. In other words, if you buy foods based on their nutritional value, you are going to pay a lot more for your grocery shopping. To check your skin’s health, nothing beats a Hollywood vanity mirror with lights.

Sports rejuvenate the cells only if you invest in it

Performing a physical activity can help to make your body feel and look youthful at a cellular level. Indeed, scientists have found a direct connection between sports and the biological marker that is responsible for the aging process. The more you sweat, the younger you keep your skin cells. While it can seem like a simple equation, practicing sports regularly doesn’t come for free. Even if you decide against joining a gym, you will need to make sure that you have all the necessary equipment for your activity, whether it’s a yoga mat or a pair of running shoes. Additionally, your sportswear wardrobe should include enough items for you to train as often as you want without having to wear dirty clothes. Last, but not least, in the world of fitness, it’s almost impossible to perform without monitoring your results in terms of calories, heartbeats, and time. That’s precisely what fitness trackers and fitness apps let you do, at a cost!

Localized treatments don’t come for free

You may not be ready to invest in a stem cell treatment to stop the aging process, but you can consider local solutions to smooth out the lines on your forehead or around the eyes. You can find immediate and visible results with restylane injections, for example, which are gel fillers designed to target wrinkles. You can also help your skin by applying hyaluronic acid serum, which combined with the injections, can preserve the production of collagen. However, the effect is only temporary, meaning that you need to have repeat treatments.

Your beauty cabinet is worth at least $1,200

Most individuals choose to build a skincare cabinet to help their skin stay smooth and healthy. As a rule of the thumb, women spend on average $100 per month on the purchase of their beauty products. Additionally, specialist creams and branded skincare kits can cost as much as $100 alone, making it difficult to stick to a budget!

The True Cost Of Youthfulness
Are Luxury Product the New Fountain of Youth? – Image Source: Max Pixel

Can you afford to dress younger?

Last, but not least, following Cleopatra’s model, it’s crucial to adapt your outfit to achieve the best possible look. Wearing jeans, for instance, can make you look more youthful. Additionally, finding a good bra that lifts and supports your breasts can take up to 10 years off your silhouette! However, keeping your wardrobe updated is a costly hobby!

The Fountain of Youth is a myth that exists in many cultures. Modern society has revealed, is that, myth or not, we are willing to pay a lot of money to preserve our youthful looks. While some options are more budget-friendly than others, it’s fair to say that you need to keep your quest for the eternal youth under control if you don’t want to create debts!

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The True Cost Of Youthfulness

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