Are you Ready to Get a Dog?

Getting a dog for the very first time can be an exciting experience to say the least. It is however, also a long-term commitment and you need to be 100% certain that you are comfortable with your decision and the responsibilities that come with it.

Don’t be Impulsive

It’s so important that you don’t buy a dog on impulse. Some people see a puppy in a pet shop and they just can’t wait to take it home. Most of the time, the dog ends up in a shelter because the owners didn’t understand the implications of getting a dog at the time. This is a sad situation, so make sure that you are ready and that you always talk with your family before bringing your new pet home.

Do your Research

You need to work out whether you want a puppy or an older dog. A puppy can be cute and they can also be fun, but they do require a lot of attention and they can have tons of energy too. If you don’t feel as though you have time to socialise with them, or even train them then you may want to consider getting an older dog. An older dog won’t be as high-maintenance when compared to a puppy, but they may still have some bad habits.

Are you Ready to Get a Dog?



The breed that you choose is also very important. Each breed will come with their own challenges and rewards. Don’t just buy a dog because you love how they look. Instead, do your research and make sure that you understand their personality. When you have chosen a breed, you then need to be honest about the lifestyle that you have and the commitment that you can make. For example, it’s a bad idea for you to get a border collie if you can only devote half an hour a day to walkies.

Are you Ready to Get a Dog?


When you get a dog, you will need to think about the amount of expense that comes with them. Some breeds are more expensive than others. For example, Great Danes will require feeding much more, and the insurance may also be higher due to their size. Other expenses that you need to think about include luxury collars, toys, training material and even leads too. Buying these items can be both fun and exciting, not to mention that you can really make your dog feel part of the family by treating them from time to time. You do however need to make sure that you can afford it all before you make the commitment.


Some dogs are fantastic around kids. Others aren’t so much. You really don’t know what the personality of a dog is going to be like until you bring them home. If you want to get around this then talk with the breeder or the shelter to find out if you can return the dog if they do not get along well with your family. Most people will be more than accommodating of this, and it also shows that you are being a responsible owner by putting your pet and your family first.

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