Miracle Girls #3
A Little Help From My Friends
Here are your random numbers:
2 18 27

It Happened One Night
Here are your random numbers:
Margie said… 50 Winter Wonderland
I’d love to read this one!
Madwoman-doing-cartwheels said… 39 Winter Wonderland
What The Dog Saw
Here are your random numbers:
26 16 26

Role Of A Lifetime
Here are your random numbers:
7 2 8 4 9

Traci said… 7 This would make an awesome gift for my grandfather.

Please enter me. Also, I’m commentor #5 on the review.

Martha Lawson said… 2 I commented on your fabulous review .

commentor #2

#4 Did not leave an email address, so…
Here are your random numbers:

Anonymous said… 6 what an inspiration.

I commented on your review post (number 4)

karen k

Here are your random numbers:
21 16 12 6 10

Benita said… 21

1. my husband 2. my job 3. yoga 4. reading 5. good food 6. friends 7. good conversation 8. swimming 9. music 10. travel Debbie F said… 16 1. Kids 2. Work 3. Husband 4. books 5. TV 6. cleaning 7. homework

Jane said… 12 1. Family
2. Friends
3. Work
4. Reading
5. Watching TV and movies
6. Surfing the internet and email
7. Traveling

Karen H in NC said… 6 1. Children
2. Books
3. Reading
4. Friends
5. Entering contests
6. On-Line Shopping
7. Swarovski Crystal Miniature Collection
Barb said… 10 The seven things in my life are :
1. My son and daughter
2. My grandson
3. My extended family
4. God
5. books
6. my crafts
7. My daughter’s dog, Monkey
The Gate House
Here are your random numbers:

I have not read any of Demille’s books yet but he has been recommended to me so I would love to remedy that. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of his book.
Wanda said… 9 So far I have not read any other of DeMille’s books but I’d like to.
Please enter my name in your draw. Thanks.
Cheating Death – Audio
Here are your random numbers:
18 1 14

Jo Ann said… 18 I would love to win a copy. Dr. Gupta is one of the few people I listen to on TV. If I ever needed a neurosurgeon I’d want it to be him!

rubynreba said…  (#1)
I would like to be entered. Thanks. Renee G said… 14 Please enter me. (#14)All winners have been notified by email and have until Noon Central Timeon Sunday December 6th, to contact me with their mailing information.Thanks Everyone!!!

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