Gringo’s In Paradise
by Malana Ashlie
About the Book:
Gringos in Paradise: Our Honduras Odyssey by Malana Ashlie is a delightfully amusing and lighthearted autobiography chronicling her move from Hawai’i to the Caribbean Coast of Honduras. When she and her husband decide to relocate to a more secluded paradise the fun begins. She shares the trials and triumphs of building a new life in Central America, in what can best be described as a spiritual journey of faith.

Of special appeal to the swelling ranks of expat retirees in Mexico and Central America (over one million strong, according to 2005 census estimates), Gringos in Paradise shares the adventures — and misadventures — two retirees face as they set off to the Caribbean coast of Honduras in search of financial freedom, personal fulfillment, and peace.

About the Author:

Malana Ashlie, Ph.D., is the author of Gringos in Paradise: Our Honduras Odyssey and Pathways to Inner Peace. A certified naturopath and holistic healer, Dr. Ashlie is also an interfaith minister and ceremony leader.

A scholar of ancient wisdom, she has been privileged to study with Mayan elders, sacred teachers of Native American traditions, and Hawaiian kupuna. She is also an adept of the Hermetic Principles. Exploring the mysteries of indigenous cultures has expanded her abilities as a Reiki Master and enhanced her awareness of other subtle energies. She travels extensively throughout the United States and Central America, lecturing, teaching, and leading retreats.

After five years in Hawaii, Malana and her husband Ordin, along with Pueo, their shamelessly spoiled cat, relocated in 2006 to the tiny beach community of El Porvenir, on Honduras’s little-known Caribbean coast. There they participate in the life of the community while managing Wisdom Pathway, a business that offers the spiritual retreat /eco-tour portion of the personal discovery seminars and workshops Dr. Ashlie teaches.

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My Review:
Gringo’s In Paradise is not so much about Dr. Ashlie’s change of address, 
but about her personal and spiritual growth.  She writes in such a calm manner,
that at times, I found myself so relaxed that I had trouble staying awake.
I’m by no means saying that the book was boring, 
but Ashlie exudes a sense of peace in every word she writes.
Gringos In Paradise is filled with detailed descriptions of her travels, 
and lots of information about the people, 
customs, flora and fauna of the area.
The only thing that would make this book better,
would be the addition of some color photographs
of her home and the city of El Porvenir.
After reading her description of the area, and the amenities
(of lack thereof)
I’m convinced that for me, it would be a nice place to visit…
…but  I really wouldn’t want to live there.
I’m too dependent on dishwasher, internet access, and central A/C!

Dr. Ashlie is a certified Reiki Master, and I would love to be able
to enjoy a session with her, and
participate in one of her retreats.  I became very interested in
holistic healing, when I apprenticed with two massage therapists, who
practiced traditional massage, accupressure,
and body balancing. They also employed acupuncturists,
and chiropractors, I can attest to the validity of all five modalities.
Gringos In Paradise is a wonderful read:-)

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  1. Good Morning enyl and Martha. I was reading your comments after the review of my book, Gringos in Paradise. I want to say 'kudos' to each of you for being so open minded. It is the most important principle to holistic healing since rigidly retaining old information is the definition of pain.

    My favorite form of holistic healing is foot reflexology. You might be amazed at how healing (and relaxing) it can be. In my opinion I'd rather have a 1 hour foot treatment than a full body massage.

    Thanks for an insightful review Libby.

  2. Yes I am open to it as it generally risk free & might work, so why not?


    PS I'm a follower.

  3. "DCMetroreader" I love the name. It creates such a wonderful mind picture. Those of us in the holistic healing field thank you for your support and interest. Best wishes for the holidays.

  4. I am open to alternative medicine. I have used acupuncture for my back pain in the near past. I am currently using Quigong for my fibromyalgia. Also I am to be trained on using biofeedback. If it appears to help me with my daily pain, I will try it for a while.

    bstilwell12 at comcast dot net

  5. Please enter me in this giveaway!

    Yes, I am open to holistic treatments. I have successfully used accupuncture to treat a condition that otherwise failed to heal using traditional medicine.

    I am a follower.

    saemmerson at yahoo dot com

    Sarah Emmerson

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