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10 Practical Ideas on How to Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

Everyone wants a larger bathroom, but renovating a home to allow for a larger bathroom isn’t always practical or affordable. Even if a bathroom is small, it doesn’t have to look small. There are plenty of ways to make a bathroom appear larger than it is. Keep reading for ten practical ideas.

  1. Add a Large Mirror

Mirrors make a bathroom look larger and reflect more light into the room. The first step when considering bathroom remodeling is often to install a bigger mirror. Homeowners can even find grand mirrors that measure five feet long by three feet high that they can install easily. Another option is to install two mirrors on two walls that met. An L-shaped configuration bounces more light back into a room and makes the room feel more spacious.

  1. Change the Vanity Cabinet

To maximize room, replace a vanity cabinet with a pedestal sink. These are inexpensive, and homeowners can install them themselves. They give more floor space, which will make the room seem larger.

  1. More Natural Light

Consider adding skylights or windows. If skylights already exist, they may need cleaning to give maximum light. Take away curtains, which can darken rooms. Another option is replacing clear glass windows with frosted privacy glass. Then curtains or blinds are not necessary.

  1. Clean Out the Clutter

Artwork and rugs can personalize a bathroom, but they can sometimes add clutter to a bathroom. Clear out some of this clutter to make room for more space. Reducing clutter is an inexpensive way to spruce up a bathroom and help it feel bigger.

  1. Decrease Color Contrasts

Whenever possible, decrease color contrasts. Homeowners should paint walls and crown molding the same color. Paint a bathroom a light shade to make it feel airier. In a small bathroom, consider replacing tall baseboards with shorter baseboards. Crown molding is beautiful, but it is more appropriate in large rooms, so consider taking it out of a small bathroom.

  1. Clear Glass Shower

Replace traditional shower/tub enclosures with a transparent shower enclosure. It looks and feels less imposing. Frameless enclosures are made of tempered glass and held together at the corners.

  1. Use the Same Materials

Tone down the visual noise in a bathroom by using similar materials in a bathroom. Match a countertop closely to the look of the tub/shower surround.

  1. Storage is Essential

Vanities can have storage space, but not much in a small bathroom. Consider using the walls for storage. Wall cabinets, built-in nooks, or shelving help store items but also look nice.

  1. Add Wall Paneling

Tongue and groove wall paneling can create the illusion of height. Painting it white or off-white can also help the light bounce around in the bathroom.

  1. Install a Shelf in the Shower

Creating space for storage is one of the best small bathroom ideas. Install a shelf in the shower for soaps and bottles.

A bathroom should be an oasis from the hustle and bustle of life. Use some of these tips to make this quiet space appear as large as possible.


7 thoughts on “10 Practical Ideas on How to Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

  • These are great ideas. The kids bathroom is small and I will be trying some of these tips.

  • These are all really great and amazing ideas! I will share this with my son who has a small room!

  • Great tips! I have the opposite problem! I have a huge powder room and it makes NO sense!

  • Our bathroom does feel quite small, and I’ll have to try some of these strategies. I did paint it a brighter color recently, and that helped quite a bit!

  • We added a mirror and also a clear glass shower to ours. It certainly does make a difference.

  • Adding a large mirror definitely makes the room look so much bigger. We did it in ours and so happy with it.

  • Great ideas! I think they really can help to create a better and well organized bathroom!


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