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How To Keep Your Garden In Tip Top Condition

How do you keep your garden looking great? It’s a perennial problem if you’ll excuse the pun. 

However, knowing what to do makes all the difference. That’s why this post runs through some of the techniques that you can use to keep everything looking fine and dandy.

How To Keep Your Garden In Tip Top Condition

Nourish Your Soil With Household Waste

Nobody is saying that you need to unload your septic tank all over your lawn. However, it can be helpful to nourish your soil using household waste.

Instead of throwing your vegetable clippings in the trash, put them on your compost heap. Then wait for them to rot down until you have a nice, nutrient-rich soil on the other side. 

Remember, the veggies that you consume are high in all sorts of important minerals that plants need to thrive, including magnesium and phosphorus. Mixing household compost with regular soil provides a rich base that lets plants thrive. 

Person adding a bucket of fruit and vegetable scraps to their compost heap

Choose Plants Suited To Your Climate

Many people try growing fig trees in colder climates but, invariably, it only leads to disappointment. When you take a plant out of its natural habitat and try to raise it somewhere else, it never quite seems to work. 

Therefore, only choose plants native to your local area. They will be more robust and won’t wilt as soon as the summer or winter arrives. 

Put Your Watering On A Timer

If your lawn needs a refresh, our expert team specializes in Austin sprinkler repair, ensuring your garden stays lush and vibrant year-round.

Getting up every morning to water your plants is a chore, and most homeowners can’t be bothered with it. It’s just so much effort for so little return. 

The trick here is to put your watering on a timer. Install a sprinkler system that comes on at night, giving the water time to soak into the soil before the sun comes up. 

If you have a system, but it’s not working properly, get a sprinkler repair service company to come over and fix it for you. Do everything you can to automate your garden. 

Get Rid of Weeds in the Garden

Weeding with a small hoe

Weeds are a major problem in gardens. Their roots can extend deep into the soil, making it hard to rip them out completely. Plus, they grow back quickly! If you want to get rid of them permanently,  first of all, you need to identify them and then think of how to kill weeds in your garden effectively so that they don’t come back.  Here are the weeds you should know about and how to treat them.


Seedlings are tiny, just-sprouted plants that are difficult to pull out because they have not yet developed a strong root system. Hand-weeding is usually a more effective way to get rid of seedlings than hoeing. To hand-weed a small area, pull out all seedlings by hand.

Mature Plants

Mature plants have been growing in your garden for several weeks, so pulling them out is easier than pulling out seedlings. Pull out plants at the base of the stem by hand. This is an effective method if the weeds are small and growing in a small area, but it may not work well for large, established plants that have rooted deep in the soil.


If you want to keep your garden but you don’t want weeds to take over, pruning is an efficient way to get rid of them. Pruning involves cutting back large plants to the ground so they never have a chance to grow again. It is a good choice if you want to conserve space in your garden.

To prune weeds, use a shovel or hoe to cut them off at the base of the plant. If your garden has a lot of weeds, you may need to prune them several times before they stop growing.

Add Mulch

Mulch is a great material because it looks natural but also prevents the growth of unwanted plants around the base of trees or your outbuildings. A couple of inches of mulch around a shed, for instance, can keep it looking great all year round, eliminating the risk of plants growing up around the sides, and making it look bad.

Garden gloved hands holding mulch

Use Rainy Weather To Your Advantage

When it’s raining outside, the last thing you want to do is go out into the garden for some gardening. However, once it stops, that can be a great time to do some weeding. 

Why? Simple: wet weather makes the soil softer which, in turn, makes it easier to pull weeds up by the roots. Try it sometime and see the difference it can make to your gardening efforts. 

Buy Plants With Visible Buds, But Not In Full Bloom

When you see beautiful plants all in full bloom at the garden center, it can be tempting to take them home with you. After all, they look great. However, once in bloom, flowers don’t last very long. Therefore, always choose plants with buds instead, then plant them and wait for them to come out in all their beautiful colors. 

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