It is no secret that everyone loves receiving gifts. However, there are some people who also love presenting gifts to their loved ones. While reaching out to buy ready-made stuff is usually our first approach, there is, quite undoubtedly, no replacement for handmade presents. People resist getting into this hassle because they assume the activity to be time-consuming. The truth is, there are many DIY gift ideas that you can create just in 15 minutes. Handmade or homemade gifts are also inexpensive, which allows you to include more people in your ‘to-gift’ list. These gift ideas are perfect for your family, friends, grandparents, and even kids!

  1. Scrabble Name Tiles

This one is our personal favorite. The scrabble tile names make such a great gift for every occasion. They have a huge margin of customization, ranging from color to design. All you need is cardboard, some scrabble letters and a frame. You can personalize these tiles by creating a name, quote, or a wish. These tiles will be perfect for baby showers, birthdays, and even for Christmas.

  1. Send-a-hug

This is a great gift for grandparents from their grand-kids who are either not around or do not live together. Basically, what all you do is trace your kid’s outstretched arms on a big piece of paper to draw a giant hug. Roll it up and send it in a mail. Do not forget to tell your kids to decorate it for adding a flair of love and warmth.

  1. DIY Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are a hip thing these days. While many people think that it is an expensive gift, they are as cheap as something that you can make at home. You can even involve your kids in this fun activity and mold them in any shape that you want. There are literally hundreds of YouTube tutorials on the internet teaching you how to make bath bombs at home.

  1. Flour Sack Towel Reindeers with Tag

Flour sack towel reindeers will look absolutely cute. While you cannot create these towels at homes, you can definitely personalize them by adding a tag with a cute message or poem on them. You will love designing the antlers, putting on the eyes, etc.  You can also use washcloth but we recommend using flour sack towels. (Try this white and colorful flour sack towels, set of 12, $23.99-$27.99, Mary’s Kitchen Towels)

  1. Personalized Mug

This idea may not be new but it just never gets old. Who does not like to sip their coffee or tea in a personalized mug? Customized mugs are pretty easy and inexpensive to make. To make them dishwasher safe, you must use paint or sharpies that are particularly made for ceramics. You do not have to splurge to purchase some high-end crockery. Buy mugs from a dollar store or mart, stick on letters, and colorful sharpies. Draw a creative design around the letters, wait for it to dry, and unpeel the stick-on.

  1. Personalized Coasters

Easy cork coasters are a great way to protect the furniture surfaces from liquid drinks. They are not only a practical gift for your loved ones but also a necessary accessory for your own home. A great way to personalize coasters is by painting a letter of the name of every family member, one on each coaster. Keep in mind the color preference of the person you are gifting it to while painting these coasters.

  1. DIY Magnetic Bag

People with babies will appreciate this bag. Whether they are staying in or going out, they can put it in front of the babies or hang the bag on a chair. This bag will make sure to keep their babies entertained. It is simple to create and even a better option than simple tote bags.

  1. Coffee Filter Wreath

The project may be a bit time demanding but the end result will be worth your time and effort. Moreover, it is not difficult to create. What you need to do is wrap the coffee filters around the end of a sharpie or pencil and secure it with hot glue. Now press it onto your wreath and keep holding it for a few seconds until the glue hardens. Fix this wreath on a frame to give an added bang.

  1. Homemade Candy Cane Dough

It is a great gift for kids. Once you have readied the batch of two play-doughs, drop some peppermint essential oil into it to add a candy cane scent to them. Choose two different colors (maybe pick red and white?) for the classic candy cane look. Put them into jars and decorate them to present as gifts. You can also add glitters of different colors to give it a fancy touch. Kids can play with these doughs while elders can simply use them as a showpiece item.


10 Super Easy Homemade Gifts for Every Occasion

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