As any average person I have lots of responsibilities, a huge to do list on a daily basis, all time favorites, hobby to derive pleasure in spare time, cherished dreams and in general definite lifestyle and pace. My top priority in life is to make my family happy and enjoy beauty and versatility of the world together with my children. A no-fail recipe to encourage them to admire nature, architecture, people of different nationality and views is traveling, no matter what kind of trip it is: from the nearest park within walking distance to exotic countries difficult to get even by plane. I always give this priority in my timetable. To stuff the family out of the house is often the only way to make them talk their head off, forgetting about TV, cell phone, computer and all that staff. I’m sure I know traveling topic inside out, having picked up loads of tips from different articles, videos, TV shows, I’ve got through all the challenges with ticket and hotel booking and hope I’ll never have my skills and benefits dried up. But at the same time I haven’t got a clue about food for trips. I came to realize it when all my family, including small children of 2 and 6 was forced to spend long hours at the airport as the flight was postponed. We are hearty eaters and home-made food lovers, so this wasn’t an easy skill to master to resist awful hunger during waiting. From that time I’ve had a new ground to cover – healthy snacks for trips! I’ve picked out some features to take into account. First of all, it should be something healthy, as we keep track of the figure and try to stay fit even when on holiday: so, only low in calories and health promoting meals are welcomed. Then it is expected to be super quick and easy to cook. Of course, no messy clean up to worry about when eating in a crowded place. Remember to avoid the lure of fatty burgers, junk food, gulping down of which may end up in stomach disorder. Here is a set of snacks to suit any trip in any company.

If you are not a complete stranger to vegetables and greens or opposite you go vegetarian, this recipe is a great find for you that will satisfy all your cravings for vitamin-packed snack. Moreover, the twist is in the variety of ingredients! You may get it spiced up or plain to be kids-friendly!

Zucchini Relish

Seeweed Snack Roll-Ups

Grab your favorite packaged seaweed snacks, rice, and veggies and roll up some nutritious snacks that will become a beach-house favorite and a healthy vacation staple.

Jaffa Cake

These easy-to-prepare little cakes are great snacks which are a marvelous hit with the children who tend to have a sweet tooth and are ready to gulp down everything containing sugar. They can be kept fresh for quite a few days after you make them or even frozen in a freezer for a few months. This cake is really made in no time and you may do with your fridge essentials, saving yourself a trip to a shop. A surprisingly short list of ingredients with a few steps to follow will make the cake stand out over all the store-bought sweets.

Dried Edamame


Crispy dried edamame makes a satisfying and healthy stand-in for potato chips. Edamame is protein and fiber-packed product which is available in any store and easily stick to your budget!

Rum Cake

Only wholesome ingredients for the perfect, fluffiest texture and flavors that will burst on your tongue creating a small explosion of pure deliciousness every time you take a bite. It is a little bit of work and time in the oven, but so worth it. It will rival all the ready-packed sweets and will keep you full and satisfied for hours to come.

Snacks For a Fun Trip

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