Debunking Myths on Lip Fillers

The number of people getting lip fillers or lip injections is increasing every year. There may be botched jobs that make others think twice about getting them, but it is generally safe if it’s done by an expert. Make sure that you are letting only a specialist do the work like Look Lovely London to ensure your safety and that you get the best result. There are also a lot of misconceptions surrounding this procedure. We have listed some of them and the truth behind them.

It looks unnatural

One of the things that immediately come to mind when some people hear the word lip injection is duck lips. While it’s true that there are cases like this, it doesn’t always happen. As mentioned, you need to make sure that only a specialist does the procedure. It may be a quick and simple process, but it needs training and experience to ensure that it’s done right. With the proper technique and the right dosage, the result will look natural.

You can’t undo the result

That depends on the solution used for the injection. There are various types of lip injectables including calcium hydroxylapatite and poly-l-lactic acid. It’s true that you can’t undo the result for these fillers immediately. You need to wait for them to dissolve to get back the original state of your lips. But, if the filler used is hyaluronic acid, then it is reversible. Hyaluronidase is an eraser enzyme that can dissolve this filler right away.

Your lips will stretch out if you stop getting fillers

The solutions injected are naturally occurring in the body and they enhance the growth of collagen. Once the filler dissolves, it will leave the layer of the lips thicker, so it’s not true that it will stretch.

You always need to get injections

Lip fillers are non-permanent. It’s true that you need to get another injection if you want to keep your lips looking fuller. But, it’s not true that you need to get it all the time. Depending on the filler and dosage used, the result can last from six months to several years. So, it’s only once the effects fade out that you need to get another injection.

It’s only for patients with thin lips

Lip fillers are popular for getting fuller lips. But, that’s not their only purpose. They are also used to treat cracked or dry lips, and to make the lips look more symmetrical.

The process is painful

It is non-invasive, so while there can be a little discomfort, it is bearable. The clinician may apply topical cream to numb the lips. Moreover, most lip injections contain anaesthetics that relieve pain and discomfort as soon as the solution is injected.

You can get cold sores from the procedure

Lip fillers don’t cause cold sores. However, those that are prone to them are at risk of getting a breakout because of the pressure on the lips during the procedure. These patients are often prescribed antiviral medications a few days before the process, to prevent sores.

Lip fillers are not just safe if done by specialists, but they also have no downtime and minimal to no side-effects.




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