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How to Choose the Perfect Table Lamp

Many people overlook table lamps in favor of fancier and more sophisticated lighting alternatives like pretty chandeliers or towering floor lamps. Don’t make this mistake; table lamps provide an elegant and versatile lighting source that works well in any room.

When you choose the right light and use it correctly, you can bring color and texture to the room as well as welcoming illumination or valuable task lighting.

Here’s how to find the perfect table lamp from diiiz.com to brighten your home.

Pick Your Perfect Spot

First, choose where you want your table light to sit. Pick the spot and then measure the space you have available for the lamp, rather than choosing the lamp first then trying to squeeze it into the space. You will also define the purpose of the light when you locate it in the room. For example, a lamp on the bedside cabinet will be task lighting for reading at night. Next, think about the height of the lamp. The general rule is to have the bottom of the lampshade at roughly eye level when sitting or lying. This prevents glare from the bulb beneath the shade.

Define Your Style

Table lamps come in a wide variety of styles so you can either choose a lamp that fits with your existing décor or strike a pose with a desk lamp with a completely different image. Using a contrasting table lamp will create a focal point for the room and is a quick and inexpensive way to create visual contrast.

Add a Pop of Color

Many rooms are decorated in neutral tones. A bright table lamp adds a bright, cheerful pop of color that attracts your eye but doesn’t overwhelm the space. You can bring in any hue you like to the room, from emerald green to hot pink. Create impact with a bright lampshade or a stunning base – or both.

Mix and Match

You don’t need to stop at one table lamp in a room, and you don’t need to match each lamp perfectly with each other. Try mixing two different lights on either side of the bed for a fun visual contrast. Or use lamps from different style periods to provide levels of interest in the living room. The great thing about a table lamp is you can move it from room to room when you get bored.

Add to the Layers of Lighting

Use table lamps to blend with your overall décor style and to add to the existing layers of lighting in the space. You may already have recessed mood lights on the walls and accent wall lamps that spotlight artwork. Use table lamps to add functional lighting next to a reading nook, or illumination for a desk in the study.

You have many opportunities to add features and impact to a room with table lamps. Keep a sense of proportion and balance in a room by effectively using these lamps. Find table lamps in a whole range of styles to suit your personality and taste.



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