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5 Hot Kitchen Design Trends To Take Note Of In 2020

The kitchen is, without a doubt, the heart of any home. It’s a social hub where we gather the ones we love to eat and entertain – so little wonder a new kitchen is high on the list of most of our home wish lists. Without physically extending the house, it’s one of the few things you can do which will actually add value to a property, as well as enhancing your enjoyment of your home in the here and now and showing your individuality. At the turn of a new century, what should an ideal family kitchen look like? What new design influences and trends are coming into play that you should know about? 

Here are 5 Hot Kitchen Design Trends To Take Note Of In 2020

Patterned Stone Finishes

Perhaps as a reaction to our high-tech digital world, a strong theme within home design for 2020 is natural influences – textures, shapes and finishes inspired by the world around us. We see this in kitchens especially with the rise of natural stone as a material for floors and worktops. From deep-veined marble to sparkling granite, the patterns that only nature can form have inspired designers going into this year. Marble finishes give a splash of unmistakable luxury for a high-end finish.

Double Islands

The last decade saw the rise and rise of islands in kitchen design, as a functional way of subtly dividing open-plan space, a social area at the heart of the kitchen and as a useful place to include sinks, undertake a dishwasher installation or house something like a wine chiller. Things have gone to the next level this year with an emerging trend for double islands – sometimes bridged with a worktop in a contrasting material. Double the space, double the fun!

Including A Larder

A larder, sometimes referred to as a pantry, used to be thought of as very old-fashioned and was commonly knocked through, but the larder has now been reinvented as the height of kitchen chic. It gives one large, central space to store dried and canned goods, spices and other non-perishable foodstuffs and frees up space in the kitchen itself to use less wall cupboards and make it more of a space for entertaining instead, which suits the ongoing trend for open-plan kitchen-diners.

Color Pop Finishes

Go bold with your choice of finishes – unexpected colors are highly on-trend in this brave new world. Everything from sorbet shades like pistachio to brights like tangerine lift kitchen design into unexpected realms. Bright color can be adapted to any space, depending on how much you love it – anything from the units themselves to statement kitchen appliances, bright window treatments or a feature wall in a color pop shade. 

Statement Sinks

It’s only a small detail, but out-there sink designs are coming to the fore as a great way to modernize a kitchen design. Instead of just being purely functional, customers are now demanding sinks finished with copper or brass insides, or matt black coated ceramics to suit the mood and design of their kitchen. And with kitchen mixer taps now available in all sorts of colors and finishes, you can give this small area of your kitchen a high-end feel with an unusual finish.


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