A Reason to Smile (Affordable Veneers for any Budget)

Health and beauty is a booming industry. We’re all lining up to buy the products, goods and services that will allow us to put our best foot (and face) forward, so we can look and feel our best. Whether it’s clothes, makeup and hair, cosmetic procedures and more, the beauty industry is teeming with various products and services to offer clients who want to change their appearance and boost their self-confidence.

One of the areas that has been especially on-trend in the beauty industry lately is cosmetic dental work. At one time, only people with money to burn, or those in dire need of dental services for medical reasons, were shelling out to improve their teeth. Not anymore. These days, there are a wealth of products and services on the market to help you improve not only the look of your teeth, but the functionality of them as well. These products are durable, natural-looking and affordable! There are even some products that don’t require a dentist visit at all!

Affordable Veneers for any Budget

    One of these products are veneers. You’ve probably heard of them – a durable product made of either porcelain or composite resin, that fits over your existing teeth and gives them a more complete (and durable and functional) smile. In the past dental veneers cost in the thousands of dollars and required at least one, usually more, dentist visits to get them fitted in place. These days, veneers are super affordable, come in a wide variety of options, and sometimes you can even do it all from home! 

    Regular veneers require a visit to the dentist, who takes a mold of your teeth and sends it off for the veneer to be made. Then, he or she does work on your existing teeth, essentially filing them down to make room for the veneers. After the veneers arrive, they are fitted over your teeth permanently. The newer type, often referred to as “snap-on” veneers, are made from a similar mold, sometimes taken by a dentist and sometimes taken by you in your own home. Once they arrive, you simply “snap” them over your teeth! Take them off whenever, and as often as, you choose. This option is not only  more affordable, but more flexible, too – you can order them as a partial, for just one or a few teeth, and they are also more durable when it comes to certain foods!  Learn more about other dental procedures by seeking oral solutions with the cosmetic dentist in Oakbrook Terrace now.

    Whichever style you choose, veneers are available to everyone these days, and they sure do look great. How much are veneers? Surprisingly affordable! Both porcelain and resin veneers look so natural and polished, and they’re incredibly durable. Nobody will ever know you’re wearing veneers unless you tell them! Veneers are just one of the many new dental/teeth products in the health and beauty market that are taking off!  

    Speak to your dentist, or visit one of the many companies online who offer veneers in all types, if you’re looking to find out how much veneers are and if they’re a good fit for you. You owe it to your smile! 

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  • Similar to dental implants and other cosmetic procedures, porcelain veneers are usually not covered by dental insurance. The costs are influenced by a host of potential factors. Prices will vary depending on the dental providers and may be affected by regional costs of living.


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