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The Most Common Ways That Burglars Will Enter Your Home

Being burgled is an incredibly traumatizing experience, but people think that it will never happen to them until it does. People assume that their homes are secure, but they have overlooked some simple vulnerabilities that make it easy for burglars to get in. If you are going to protect your home properly, you need to know how burglars are likely to get in and how you can secure these areas.

These are the most common ways that burglars will enter your home.

The Front Door

This is the most surprising one for a lot of people because they assume that a burglar wouldn’t be brazen enough to walk straight in the front door. However, it is one of the most common entry points because it’s so easy a lot of the time. People like to hide a key to their front door and even though they think that they’ve come up with a great hiding place, burglars will find it. They know every trick in the book, so you should never hide a key. A lot of burglars also walk right in through an unlocked front door, so make sure that you are security conscious. Installing a smart doorbell with a camera will scare off burglars as well.   

The Back Door 

If a thief can’t get through the front door, their next port of call will be the back door. Even if it is locked, the back door is usually more secluded so they have more opportunity to break in. If you want to protect the back door, you should call a locksmith and have them upgrade the locks so they are sturdier and harder to break in. Adding some security lights to make the door more exposed will act as a good deterrent as well. 


If they can’t get in the doors, burglars will try the windows next, especially in the summer. If you are going to open windows to beat the heat, make sure that you shut them if you aren’t in the room. Burglars could still sneak in while you are home if you are in a different room. You should also upgrade the locks on the windows and consider installing some simple window alarms that will alert you if anybody opens them. 


Windows on the top floor are often an easy entry point because people don’t think that burglars will be able to get up there. However, if you have trees in the garden, these might give them an easy route up to the roof where they can then get into windows. Lots of trees and shrubs will also give extra cover to burglars that makes it easier for them to approach the house undetected. It’s a good idea to take a look at the trees in your garden and see whether they can easily be climbed. You may need to cut back the lower branches so you are not giving people the chance to climb up to the roof. 

If you can secure these areas around your home, you will reduce the chances of any burglars getting in. 

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