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Creating The Perfect Family Bath: My Ideas To Help You Do It

Along with the kitchen, a bathroom can be a well-used room in the home. Especially if you just have the one family bathroom and many people wanting to use it. At the same time. So there can be a lot of strain on this room, so I thought I would share with you a few tips on how to create the perfect family bathroom.

Think about a separate shower and bath

If you don’t have much option other than using the main family bathroom to get clean, then a great idea would be to consider a separate bath and shower. This would help the younger kids and adults wash at the same time. Making it a much more user-friendly space. Mom could bathe a younger child while the older child is showering. For this type of change, it would be best to call in the experts and consider a complete bathroom remodel. Websites like https://kitchensacramento.com/bathroom-remodeling/ could be worth looking at. These experts know what they are doing when it comes to the fixtures and fittings. The last thing you would want is to attempt this yourself and create a leak or further problem in your home. For the elderly members of the family, you can add waterproof Teak Patio Furniture for their comfort.

Add as much storage as possible

If many people are using this one bathroom, then the chances are you have lots of different shampoos, body washes, and bathing products. Not to mention all the bath towels and linen. So it’s best to add as much storage as possible to your bathroom. This will keep the space tidy and allow people to access what they need when they need them.

Keep it light and airy

A bathroom can appear dark and small so make sure you keep the space light and airy. Get the windows open as often as you can. Heavy usage of water, steam and toilet flushes can create unwanted smells or problems with the sealants around the bath and fixtures. Keeping the windows open as you can allow a place for the steam to vent and keep the bathroom a pleasant place to be.

Add products so the bathroom can stay clean on the go

With lots of usage, you may not get many opportunities to give the bathroom a good clean without it getting messy again quickly. So add some products to keep it clean on the go. A good toilet cleaner that can be added every few days, along with a shower spray to keep any glass clean. Often these don’t need maintenance but allows you to keep on top of the general cleaning on the go. The whole family can get involved as well.

Make it user-friendly for the smaller members of the family

Finally, the last tip would be to make it user-friendly for the smaller members of the family. This means a little stool to stand on to access the sink or toilet. They may even need a trainer seat that can be placed on to the toilet for when they need to go. It makes it a much easier space for them to use while they learn about general hygiene and taking care of themselves.

I hope this guide helps you to create a family bathroom everyone can use.


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  • I love what you did here and thanks for sharing these awesome tips and ideas.


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