Why The Princess Cut Is Perfect For A Diamond

Diamonds have long been popular for adorning jewelry. These sparkling stones are the most valuable of the gemstone family, largely thanks to De Beer’s advertising in the 1940s. One of the most important aspects of a diamond is the cut that is used. This article takes a look at the Princess Cut.

Princess Cut

The Princess Cut is deeper than the Brilliant Round Cut and this means the Princess Cut diamond looks a little smaller. This cut has a total of 58 facets with stunning sparkle and sharp reflections, which is why it is so popular (2nd behind the Brilliant Round) and there are different grades of cut; choosing a high-quality cut is advised if the diamond is a central stone. The jeweler has many fine images to show you how different cuts look and will help you make the right choice.

Square Or Rectangular Proportions

This is the ideal shape for a Princess Cut and the best proportion for a square stone is 1.00 to 1.04 from length to width. A rectangular diamond should have a proportion of 1.07 to 1.15 (again from length to width). Talk to a custom jeweler who makes the best and the most unique princess cut engagement rings for their clients about proportion as they can offer the best advice. The custom jeweler would have fine images to show various proportions, while pointing out the imperfections and eventually, you will settle on the perfect proportion for your project.

Color & Clarity

These two aspects of diamond grading impact the value of a Princess Cut diamond. After the diamond has been cut and polished, the custom jeweller has the stone appraised by GIA or equivalent and a certificate is issued, which should accompany the diamond ownership. This certificate details the diamond’s properties and guarantees the stone’s authenticity and it should be kept in a safe place.

Diamonds from reputable jewelers come with this type of certification, so feel free to check out the stunning collection of custom diamond engagement rings Sydney jewelers have created. For those located outside Australia and would want to personally view the diamonds, a quick online search should help them find a reputable jeweler near their location. Custom jewelers can take your design concept and turn it into a stunning diamond engagement ring.

Sourcing Quality Uncut Diamonds

If you are planning to commission a diamond engagement ring, you need to find a reputable wholesale gemstone dealer who knows what a top quality diamond looks like in uncut form. Of course, one of the aims when choosing a cut is to minimize the amount of wastage, and this should be discussed with the custom jeweler.

Wide Range Of Diamond Cuts

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There are many diamond cuts that you should consider for your project, even though you may have a preference for the Princess Cut. Talk to a leading custom jeweler about the pros and cons of each cut and you can make an informed decision on the best cut for your diamond engagement ring.

To conclude, the Princess Cut is the second most popular cut and whether a square or rectangular shape, you can choose the right proportions. The custom jeweler is more than capable of creating the perfect diamond engagement ring using a Princess Cut.

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