Make the Most of a Camping Adventure

If you have a camping trip planned, you are going to be wondering how you can make the most of it. Whether you are travelling with the family or a group of friends, there are certain things you can do to make the most of being one with nature. With a bit of planning, you can make this a holiday full of the right kind of memories.

Here are a few tips to make the most of your camping adventure:

The tent

There is nothing worse than getting to the campsite and realizing that there is a piece missing or that the tent is not large enough for the number of people going. The absolute first thing you must do is double-check you have all the poles and pins. Otherwise, you may have to spend a little bit more than you planned. Also, make sure there are no tears or holes, a leak could ruin the trip for someone, or all of you. Another thing to remember is that a one skin tent is going to be a lot colder than a double skin, or more, so think about warmth above all. 

Sleeping bags

It is worth your while spending a little bit more and getting everyone a decent sleeping bag. A night out in a tent can be far colder than you may expect, even in the height of summer. The last thing you want is someone feeling cold.  

Extra blankets

Even if you do get some decent sleeping bags, don’t forget the extra blankets as a precaution. There is always the possibility of spillages even if they are warm enough. So, go prepared.


Why not get some camp lights? Invest in some of the windup types, or even some solar-powered ones. They have the ability to last a few hours once the sun has gone down. This can make things a lot easier if you are in the wilderness.


Ensure you take plenty of food and not just food that has to go on the fire. Take snacks and treats too. You can’t have too much, especially if you have a whole family to feed. Take a cool box and fill to the brim. Don’t forget the bread, baps, rolls. And just as importantly, the ketchup and mustard too. 


Do not forget the bottles for water. You are going to need these in the tent as well as while you are out having your adventure.

The fire

You may want to take a camping stove, but if you are really going for the true camping experience you will want real flames. You will need to circle your fire pit with bricks or large heavy stones and you’ll want some kindling. Perhaps, send the kids into the forest to look for some, obviously think safety. Then you will want to light it. So why not use the best ferro rods they are essentials when it comes to creating fires. The campfire can be a great way to get the kids learning about cooking too as it is far more exciting than an oven. They will actually be able to see the meat browning. Also, don’t forget the marshmallows and the sticks, these are great over the campfire. 


Make sure you pack all the plates and cutlery and all the barbecue equipment you will need for the fire. If you don’t go prepared you may be spending a lot of time going back and forth to the campsite shop.

A first aid kit

All wise campers take a first aid kit with them and keep on them at all times. When you go for your walks and hikes, if anything happens, you are going to need it as you could be miles from any sort of help. You may want to have a little pocket knife in there too. So think safety. 

Wildlife book

Why not pick up a wildlife book and see if you can find the animals in the book. This is a great way to get the kids more involved with nature, and you will learn a thing or two too. Perhaps, get the kids to draw pictures of the birds or other wildlife as they are out on their adventure. You could do this as you have a picnic or something. You could also get the kids to do rubbings of barms of certain trees, or identify insects. There are so many ways you can turn a hike into more of an adventure that all the family can enjoy.

Bug spray

Whatever you do, don’t forget the mosquito repellent and bug spray. Nothing is worse than being bitten to death when you are trying to enjoy yourself.

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