Know A Short Guide AboutRick Simpson Oil

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Rick Simpson Oil is developed by Rick Simpson, a Canadian medical marijuana activist. RSO is different from cannabidiol (cbd oil). It contains a high level of THC components that get the user high. Whereas cbd oil contains no or 0.3% THC level.

RSO works as cbd oil to treat various illnesses, but the one disease for which is highly recommended is cancer. There are several studies found to support that RSO is an effective remedy for killing cancer cells. Therefore, it is widely used under medical marijuana prescription.

What are the benefits of using RSO?

RSO is widely used to cure cancer and cancer growing cells. In 2003, Simpson diagnosed the RSO that helps to heal skin cancer spots on the face and neck within a few days. With this, RSO helps to treat other body troubles effectively. Some of them are:

  • Infections
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Inflammation
  • Asthma
  • Arthritis
  • High Blood Pressure

How to do RSO?

Knowing the right dose of RSO is extremely important especially for newbies. As compared to cbd oil it contains a high THC level, therefore you need to be a little aware of the intake level. Generally, a patient is recommended to consume 60 gram RSO oil in 90 days. Keep in mind, RSO has sedative effects, therefore do not drive after consuming it. If you feel the unpleasant flavor of RSO, then you can take it with your tasty food to enjoy it.

Here is more information, how to break down your RSO dosage schedule;

  1. As discussed RSO has contained a high THC level, therefore do not begin with more than half drop equivalent to a grain of rice. Repeat the same dosage after every eight hours. This is for the first-week schedule.
  2. From week 2 to 5 you can increase the dosage from half drop to one drop and size too from half a grain to full grain. Some people choose this dosage for the next three to five weeks by consuming one gram per day. You can too increase the dosage but do not underestimate the changing behavior. Find out whether your body is accepting the changing dosage or not.
  3. Then, in the week 5 to 12, go with 8-9 drops of Rick Simpson Oil per day. The amount defined, you can move to one gram dosage of oil per day.
  4. Some people choose to go with the same dosage after 12 weeks. Keep in mind, you must take the medical practitioner’s opinion if you want to continue with the dosage.

Two Most Asked Questions About Rick Simpson Oil

Can you smoke or dab RSO?

Yes, you can smoke or dab RSO. But before that make sure to read the instructions. Check whether highly flammable solvent components are being used in it or not.

Can you Cook with RSO?

You can cook with RSO the same as cannabis. But choose more liquid ingredients and add flavor if you want to enhance your food taste.

Final words

Choosing an RSO is an incredible neutral way to heal diseases.  Rick Simpson Oil changed many lives for the better. Therefore, the federal government approved legalizing RSO under medical prescription. Lastly, always seek advice from a medical professional for the right dosage.



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