How To Make A Pandemic Birthday Special

If someone you love has a birthday coming up, you might be worrying about how to make them feel special, celebrating during a pandemic. If you can’t see them or you can see them but can’t take them out, don’t worry. There are still lots of ways to make their birthday special and make sure they feel loved, even if they can’t celebrate how that usually would. 

How To Make A Pandemic Birthday Special

Birthday In A Box

If you can’t see them, but want to make sure they know that you’re thinking of them, you can send something special through the post. As well as putting the usual gift in the mail, think about other birthday items you could send. There are companies now that will post sets containing a birthday cake, flowers, and prosecco. Send a box of their favorite treats or a beautiful bouquet of happy birthday flowers

You could choose a few items and pack them into a hamper to send a complete birthday in a box. Include a small cake, some candles, some favorite edible treats, and a small bottle of a drink they love. 

Dinner At Home

If you’d usually celebrate by going out for dinner, you can recreate the restaurant experience at home. If you live with the person having a birthday, you could choose a room to be your pretend restaurant. Lay the table with your best plates, and dress it with flowers or candles. Put on a playlist of relaxing music. 

If you’re a good cook, you could make dinner, but if you’re not, don’t worry. Lots of restaurants are offering ‘at home’ versions of their menu, where they prepare the dishes and you finish them off at home. This is a much easier way to get a fancy dinner at home without the stress of cooking. 

If you don’t live them, you could order one of these boxes as a gift (just check they don’t have other plans). 

Pretend Night Out

Recreate the night out experience at home. Dress different rooms of the house as different places, like a bar, a restaurant, or a theatre. Tell the birthday boy or girl to get dressed up for a night out. 

You could start by turning a room into a bar, and taking your loved one for a drink. Make cocktails, or buy a bottle of their favorite wine to enjoy together. Move to another room which you’ve styled like a restaurant. Eat a home-cooked dinner, a takeaway, or an at-home restaurant box. Finally, you could pretend the living room is a cinema or theatre and screen a favorite movie with snacks or one of the many theatre productions that have been put online during the pandemic. Make a playlist of their favorite songs, turn the lights down, and make a nightclub somewhere else in the house, so you can finish the night by going dancing. 

If you’re creative, you can still make someone’s birthday very special for them, even during these strange and difficult times. 

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  • These are great ideas. So much has changed in the past year.


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