The Intermediate Guide to Managing Your Pets Well-Being During The Covid Pandemic

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, you may have noticed that your pet is not their usual self. Recent research has found that dogs are much more anxious than you would expect. 

Dogs are very receptive to their human owners, meaning that they like you feel emotions and pick up on your feelings too. 

Covid-19 and mass isolation can cause animals more stress than has been realized. It will be coming out of the isolation that you as a pet owner will be tested, both personally and in caring for your pets. 

Managing Your Pets Well-Being During The Covid Pandemic

Understanding Your Dogs Well-Being and Stress.

Your wonderful dog or pet is always there for you with a cheery welcome and happy playtimes, but it is likely that they will be as anxious as you during the current pandemic.

In the following study on anxiety in dogs, it has been shown that dogs may become more aggressive or suffer from a behavioral issue. 

You should do a little research and look at what may be triggering your dog’s behavior. It may also be interesting to see how your behavior affects your dog. Some dogs are more prone to behavior changes due to lifestyle or changes in their owners’ behavior, so different breeds may cope with stress and display differing triggers. 

It has now been realized how the lives of dogs, in particular, parallel the lives of the people that help to shape them into loveable pets.

You Are The Mirror

If you feel stressed or anxious, your dog will have picked up on your levels of stress as it tends to become contagious. You may have noticed that if you’ve been with someone who is stressed, you tend to feel – most likely stressed and anxious. It is just the same for your dog or pet too.

Can Isolation or Confinement Stress Your Dog?

During periods of lockdown and isolation, dogs may be feeling a little confused by the sudden or prolonged changes in the daily routines. Having people around them, 24/7 is a new experience mostly if they are usually left alone. Dogs are social animals and love nothing more than the company with you and your family. 

The secret to alleviating your dog’s stress is to keep their minds busy with activities. It could also help you to make some discoveries too and get closer to your pet. 

It will be the end of the isolation period and the lockdowns, that will be the testing ground for many pet owners, especially when everyone starts to return to the workplace. This may cause pets and their owners’ separation anxiety.

You should consider speaking to your vet or look at alternative treatments that may be able to help reduce your dog’s stress, such as hemp dog treats

Once the pandemic is over and life resumes as it was before the pandemic, it may take time and patience until your pets levels of stress start to settle.

Be kind to yourself and your pet; you are both on a journey. 


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  • No dogs here but this is good advice. I have cats and they seem like they need more comforing lately,


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