Plexidor Dog Door Review

Last month Plexidor sent me a dog door.  I’m ecstatic to say the least!  I’ve wanted a dog door for years and years.  I think the only reason that we never got one, was that my husband was never satisfied with the ones that we found (and that we have some crazy kids, who back in the day, would have escaped through said door)!When I gave him the information on the Plexidor dog doors, he was convinced.


The contractor that installed the door told me that on a scale of 1 to 10, he would give the Plexidor a TEN

At the onset, I wasn’t quite sure how to go about coaxing my furbabies into using their brand new dog door.  After just a few minutes talking to a couple of the fantastic Plexidor employees, we had total success.  Isn’t it great to have not only a superior quality product, but top notch customer service too!

We started out by holding one of the doors open, and slipping a piece of folded newspapers in the opening in order to keep one door open.  I then went outside equipped with CHICKEN.  I placed my hand through the door, and let the puppies smell it.  I then slowly pulled my hand out, and Bob’s your Uncle Poe followed the chicken trail.  Gabe was a bit more resistant and it took some cajoling to convince him.  Patience and persistence wins the race!

Plexidor Dog Doors for Wall Installation –

Plexidor Wall Installation Dog Doors combine the regular Plexidor pet door with a wall tunnel designed to ‘frame out’ the wall for you. The Plexidor design is unique in that the tunnel is sloped toward the outside so that water tends to run out rather than to simply sit in the tunnel. One consequence of this design is that the inside rough cut dimension is about 2″ shorter vertically than the outside rough cut dimension.

Plexidor wall mounts accommodate a wall dimension from 4″ to 12″ and even include a metal cutting jig saw blade for your jig saw!

Plexidor flaps are hollow Plexiglas with an approximate 1/8″ dead air-space. This hollow design helps to improve insulation value for the Plexidor flap. A single flap is provided for the small size. Larger sizes have two ‘saloon door’ type flaps. Sizes medium and larger come with a steel locking cover. All sizes come with a keyed lock–the Xlarge size has two keyed locks for security.

FYI – I don’t leave my little baby alone for long periods of time.  But when I am gone for a few hours, what a blessing to know that if he’s gotta go…he can go – outside!

Thank you so much Plexidor and BlogPaws Pet Blogger Network.  I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity that you have provided for me and my “family”! Won’t you head on over to Plexidorand check out all the styles and sizes of pet doors that they carry – AND – I hope that you will remember Plexidor, when you are ready to install a pet door in your home!



I am blogging on behalf of BlogPaws Pet Blogger Network and Plexidor. I received compensation for my time from Plexidor for sharing my views in this post, but the views expressed here are solely mine.


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17 thoughts on “Plexidor Dog Door Review

  • Dog Doors are such a blessing! I wouldn’t want to live anywhere with out mine! And my Dog’s figured it out in a couple try’s. I am very Happy that you got one, I think that you will love it!

  • We can’t wait to install ours and see how the pups react. Our Emily will master it and *abuse* it in no time. I mean, she’ll be in and out regularly, of course! Not sure how Olive, our Boston will feel…except that she follows Emily everywhere so…that will take care of itself. Chester, our big hound dog, who is scared of the curtain hanging on the sliding glass door! will be the test. Once he gets the hang of it… I’ll be able to heave a sigh of relief… and not have to rush up and down stairs every five minutes to let the dogs out! (or in) w00t!

  • Great to know – I have friends looking for a dog door and this will help them greatly. Thanks!

  • I can’t wait to have mine installed. I will make sure I save your site so you can show her how to bribe us to use the door.

  • So very cool! I’m new to your blog and just love the share buttons.

    So this is your first doggy door? We know exactly how your husband feels. We had a doggy door that is sold in all the major pet stores – with three dogs, it’s not great at all. Sounds like the Plexidor is doing the trick for you and I love your review! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • A dog door is one of our next projects on our home to-do list. I don’t think we’ll be doing it on our own, but I am drooling over the thought of having this right now!

  • Looks like a great door! Our house has one, but the back yard isn’t fenced so we don’t use it!

  • I totally need a dog door. Our dogs would love it, and I could get more done if I wasn’t constantly letting them in and out.

  • Oh how my dogs would love if I installed one of these.

  • Oh what a good idea – Sal likes our door open all the time maybe a doggy door would be the way forward as I am so scared of moths and we get inundated with them. x

  • Ohh Boy… It looks amazing!! I do not have pets but I’ll definitely let know some friends about it. Thanks for sharing.

  • I do not have a dog, but this looks like a good idea.

  • I love how the tunnel is sloped towards the outside so things just don’t collect into it such as water. I have a cat, but hope to get a dog once we get out of apartment living and have a yard! A doggie door would be a lifesaver!

  • I like the way it is sloped so the water will not come in the house great idea! We had the problem with our old one so this would be great to look into for a replacement for it. I’m glad it worked getting them to go through it with food! That is a good trick to use to get them to do it if they don’t want to.

  • I have cats and I need a door for them to get between the back porch area and the rest of the house. I’ve worried about them being able to fit (I have a fat cat) and about cat litter getting into the rest of the house. Because it slopes down, hopefully the stray cat litter would stay on the back porch area.


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