kathy orta files

Kathy Orta Files  – The Paper Phenonmenon, is the BEST!

I’ve learned so much via her videos and tutorials.  I’ll be posting some of my projects, shortly, and you’ll be able to find them under Scrapbooking/Arts/Crafts in the navigation bar, above.


Kathy Orta Files

Will you please vote for her book and video..pretty please, with a cherry on top! I want to see her get on the shelves at Walmart!

One Click each and you’re done…unless you are willing to share on Facebook and Twitter.  If you would do that, it would be FANTASTIC .  When you go to THIS PAGE  (to vote for the video)  and THIS PAGE (to vote for the book) you will then see the links on the left side that will enable you to share via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.  The more ways to help, the better.

(Voting runs from now through September 2; you may vote once per day.  Judges will use vote totals as an indicator of public support, to help give them an idea of products’ commercial viability.)




Please Help Out By Voting for Kathy Orta Files

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0 thoughts on “Please Help Out By Voting for Kathy Orta Files

  1. That would be really cool to see her stuff in Walmart! I’m just getting into scrapbooking stuff…not doing actual scrapbooking, but using the papers and stuff in other projects. I really need to venture into scrapbooking though.

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