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Give Mom the Gift of Happy Feet with Upstep Orthotics

Disclaimer: Beautiful Touches received product from Upstep Orthotics to facilitate this posting.  No monetary compensation was received.  All OPINIONS expressed are those of the author.

Our feet are our foundation and if they aren’t happy the rest of our body suffers.  I have plantar fasciitis. The condition is so painful it is hard to put into words…but let me try.  After having given birth to 9 kids,and having had multiple major surgeries, I can honestly say my foot pain and resulting back pain has been FAR WORSE.

Give Mom the Gift of Happy Feet with Upstep Orthotics

I finally broke down and went to my doctor who sent me back to the surgeon who did my most recent orthopedic surgery – after I broke my right foot the second time around.  Yes, I’m a klutz.  And I broke it the same way…walking into a door jamb..the same door jamb in fact. Well, after taking x-rays to make sure that the K-Wire is still securely embedded in the bone (I did mention that I’m a klutz – I managed to break the K-Wire during recovery so he pulled out the top piece and left the rest in, so that he didn’t have to do a second surgery to remove it), he did an ultrasound.  My plantar fascia was swollen more than twice what it should be, which in turn caused the bursa to swell, which in turn caused a bone spur to develop.  Thus the severe heel pain.


  • Surgery – NOPE (not that it was at the top of his list either)
  • Injections – NOPE (so he thought that this would be a quick fix, but something about a huge needle shoved through my heel didn’t give me the warm fuzzies)
  • Icing / Rest / Wearing Shoes with Good Orthotics – YEP (I could handle that one)

In Steps…Upstep!  Love my play on words?

Give Mom the Gift of Happy Feet with Upstep Orthotics

About Upstep Orthotics

Upstep specializes in the design and manufacturing of the best custom foot orthotics in the world!  They are proud to be your total foot care solution.

They provide the best custom orthotics available and do so at the most affordable price, in the fastest time, with great customer support.

Upstep Comfort are custom designed to enhance every type of shoe and also help with most foot issues.

The process is so easy.  Just hop on over to their website and click the best fit on the menu. I chose Diagnosis, since I had one.

From there just follow the prompts.  I was able to fill in the information on my diagnosis, where the pain was, how active I am, and then what type of shoes I normally wear.

Just step into each impression box, send back in the prepaid box, and before long your specially made orthotics will be delivered right to your door. You will not believe the difference that they can make.  It’s literally like night and day. I chose the inserts for Small Heels / Flats / Sandals.  I ‘m usually in Chacos or New Balance Flip-Flops, cause ya know I’m a klutz, and due to my breaking that K-Wire I had a massive infection so there is loads of scare tissue and it’s hard for me to find shoes with comfortable “toe boxes” so it’s mostly open toe shoes for Moi!


My inserts arrived, maybe a week or two later, and with a couple of thin strips of Velcro (or you could use Command Strips- pick either up just about anywhere…Walmart, Amazon, drug stores), I was good to go.  I can move the orthotics from one pair of shoes to the next, with no problems. They don’t shift and they aren’t noticeable when I’m wearing my shoes. You just cannot begin to imagine the difference they have made in my life…really, I’m not exaggerating. I was in so much pain it was terrifying and excruciating. Now my feet are happy and so is the rest of me!!!!

Give Mom the Gift of Happy Feet with Upstep Orthotics

Give your mom a break…or your sister, or our aunt or HEY GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK…even if you don’t have plantar fasciitis.  Good orthotics can turn a bad day into a good one, or a good day into a great one.  Remember your feet are your foundation and everything is built upon that! If your foundation isn’t solid, things begin to crack.  Head on over to Upstep Orthotics, You’re feet will thank you!

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  • Custom shoe inserts are beneficial for everyone who uses these unique products. They provide great support to walking on hard surfaces such as concrete or tile with unsupportive shoes. This can lead to misalignment and stress on your feet, knees, and lower back. You can eliminate this discomfort with our custom made orthotics to bring your feet to a good position and allow you to get going with the activities you love to do.


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