7 Christmas Gifts Your Colleagues Will Appreciate

How do you choose the best gifts for coworkers? You aren’t best friends with most of them, but they aren’t complete strangers, either. Should you even get them anything for the holidays? Or is not getting them something for Christmas considered one of the cardinal sins of office relationships?

Here are some of the best Christmas gifts your colleagues will appreciate.

Do I Even Need to Get Them a Gift?

The truth is, that depends. How often do you spend time with them while you’re at work? Is there a select group of people that you interact with on a normal basis? Answering those questions will help you decide whether or not you need to get them a gift.

Ideally, you should give a gift to the coworkers who you spend time with more often than others. It doesn’t have to be something large, but it should be something they appreciate!

Is There Such a Thing as ‘Too Much’ for a Coworker?

Again, that depends. Determining how close you are to that coworker early on will ensure that you get them a gift that accurately matches with your relationship. However, sometimes there is such a thing as “too much.” Here are some examples:

  • You only see the coworker online: Many companies have established a hybrid work-from-home program, where many employees come into the office on certain days and on others they’re working from home. If the employee you’re thinking of getting a gift for is one you’ve only ever seen online, then you might want to rethink a hand-delivered gift or even something that they can’t use in their everyday professional life. It might make things awkward!
  • You spend an exorbitant amount of money on their gift: Your coworker most likely isn’t the love of your life. Sure, they assist you in meeting deadlines and ensuring you have a positive professional experience, but they don’t need something that costs hundreds or thousands of dollars. A lot of times, your coworkers will just be glad to have received a gift from you!

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Coworker Gift Ideas

Planning the right gift for your coworker takes a little more effort than you think, but it’s definitely not the most difficult thing in the world! Here are some ideas for gifts to give your colleagues this Christmas.

  • A wine tumbler: We all know that one coworker who is just itching to get to happy hour. Or, maybe they’re someone who doesn’t always advertise their affinity for happy hour, but they enjoy going to wine festivals or drinking leisurely after the workday is over. An insulated wine tumbler is a great gift idea for them! Some people even use the tumblers as water glasses. Either way, it’s a practical gift they’re sure to love!
  • A monogrammed mouse pad: A mouse pad can get dirty and torn very easily, especially if your coworker is constantly using their mouse to complete projects! A fresh, new mouse pad might be just what your coworker needs. Consider getting one that’s also monogrammed to add a bit of personality and fun to the item. They’ll love having something to use in their office that’s just theirs!
  • An ornament: Commemorate their time at the office with a personalized ornament! It’s perfect for coworkers because it’s small, relatively inexpensive and actually something they can use. Every time they put the ornament up on their tree, they’ll think of you! This is especially important for those who are considering retiring or even leaving the company within the next year. It ensures they continue to think of you even long after they’re gone.


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  • A picture frame: People love to decorate their offices with personal items. From college diplomas to pictures of close friends and family, a picture frame is a great gift idea to give your coworkers. You can either give them a personalized one that features their name, or you can find one that’s more generic so they can place any photos they want in it.
  • A candle: Candles might not always be allowed to be burned in the office, but that doesn’t mean your coworkers can’t enjoy the smell of them! A candle is a good gift to give because they’re usually not very large and can fit onto desk space well. If you aren’t looking to put candles on your coworkers’ desks, you can always give them some stress playdough they can use that’s scented with lavender and other calming agents.
  • A portfolio pad: They’ll need somewhere to hold all their work! A portfolio pad is perfect for any coworkers you have. Consider a portfolio pad that has their initial or full monogram on it to ensure that they feel it’s been made personally for them. One that has pockets, a zipper pouch for pens or markers and even a space for their business card is a premier choice as far as portfolio pads go.
  • A blanket: Offices can get pretty chilly. That’s why it’s important to have a blanket! Get your coworkers a blanket to use in their office this winter. Many offices don’t allow individuals to control the thermostat or temperature in their individual office, so it can mean that some employees’ offices are warmer than others, and vice versa. Considering a blanket for each of your close coworkers is a great gift idea! Make sure to pair it with something else, such as a wooden Christmas ornament or other gift that really shows them how much you care.

Finding the right Christmas gifts for your coworkers can seem difficult at first. But, with the right amount of searching, you’re sure to find the perfect gifts for them. Whether you choose something that is more practical for everyday use at the office or you choose something that they can use in their personal life, a good coworker gift is one they’ll appreciate for years to come. No matter what, they’ll just be excited to receive a gift from you!





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