Have you ever thought that maybe there was a specific scent for you out there? That there was a fragrance tied explicitly to your personality? In addition to scents out there related to the different seasons of the year, there are indeed fragrances available connected to one’s character. That said, it can be a complicated process if you’re only trusting your sense of smell while looking for the right fragrance for you.

For a scent tied to your personality, logic plays a big part as well. Fortunately, you don’t have to tackle this alone – we already have a list of fragrances tied to and to complement different personalities, so you have an easier time deciding. Choosing the right perfume is a lot like a second skin, which is why scents, moods and your personality are all connected. It gives an excellent reason to check out Maple Prime’s discounted fragrance outlet!

The energetic and perky personalities

Generally, those whose characters are dynamic and lively are more on the youthful side of things. For this type of character, no other fragrance fits better than fruit and citrus. Many different perfumes fit the bill, such as melon, peach and different kinds of citrus perfumes. Fresh fruits symbolize an essential part of one’s youth, the freshness and innocence are manifest in these smells. For those who have the energy to spare and always seem to lighten up the room, fruit fragrances are the perfect complement

How to Choose the Right Fragrance According to your Personality

The laid-back personalities

While they aren’t quite as gung-ho as the more energetic types, these personalities would prefer to sit back and relax, but they’re still up for a little fun if the situation calls for it. For this type of character, the smell of freshly cut grass, sandalwood and other perfumes can be quite relaxing. It’s the reason why fragrances such as these are perfect for the laid-back types. These scents also include different kinds of greens like rhubarb and ivy leaves. A laid-back character appreciates the smells of nature, and it shows in these perfumes!

The feminine personalities

Some women are more feminine than others. Those who are on the more extreme side of the spectrum tend to be delicate and romantic individuals. For these personalities, the best type of smell is inspired by fresh flowers. It makes it quite easy to choose perfumes for the feminine nature, as there are so many different flower combination scents out there – and all of them fit this particular personality. It’s because feminine personalities are flexible when it comes to their favourite smells.

The bold personalities

Last but not least, we have the nature of those individuals that enjoy being brave and bold. They tend to enjoy the more exotic side of life, and this includes the fragrances as well. A bold personality isn’t afraid to try something new, making them a relatively easy personality to purchase fragrances. All you would have to do is try for one of the more unusual smells – scents like the more exotic flowers, vanilla, cinnamon and other types of exotic fragrances.

How to Choose the Right Fragrance According to your Personality

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  1. That’s good to know that fruit scents are good for energetic people. I am trying to find a good gift for my girlfriend, so that’s good to know. She is pretty energetic, so if I end up getting her some perfume, I’ll have to look for some nice citrus scents, or something a bit more intense.

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