Wearing Jewelry At The Office: Some Dos And Dont’s

Dressing for work can be a minefield at the best of time. But wearing appropriate jewelry can be even more difficult as there are no established conventions. What’s worse, many of us were banned from wearing jewelry at school, and so we don’t have much practice of wearing accessories in formal situations.

According to Ali Galgano, a fashion entrepreneur, it’s time for women to put the days of dressing like men behind them. Suits and blazers were great when women were first entering the labor force fifty years ago, but the world has changed and moved on, and now women can afford to strike out by themselves when it comes to workwear and defines their own style.

Here are some ideas for accessorizing effectively at work.

Wear Rings To Brighten Up Your Day

About 60 percent of all women in the workforce spend the majority of their time in front of a computer. But all those long hours spent in office chairs can be a little tedious. Often your spirits are in need of a lift. Fortunately, giving yourself a little pick-me-up is easy with the right jewelry, especially if you spend all day typing.

Start off by trying out statement rings. Statement rings are large, brightly colored and contain a range of colorful gemstones, like turquoise.

If bold and bright isn’t quite your style, then there are all sorts of more subtle rings you could choose from, including gold-plated and glass rings, or rings that contain cubic zirconia. Silver and gold work almost perfectly with formal, dark work wear, making these precious metals the perfect accompaniment to any suit jacket or blouse.

Go Big On Earrings

Jodie Snyder is another fashion entrepreneur with experience in the jewelry industry. She says that if you’re going to wear accessories, you should focus on earrings first before you consider anything else. The reason for this is because earrings are the best way to make a statement in the office. Snyder says that even large earrings can be appropriate because they help to focus attention on you and your work.

What’s more, if you work at a company that regularly goes out in the evenings, then it’s a good idea to wear earrings that work both in and out of the office, like those from companies like Frost NYC. Earrings add a pop of color and work best when they’re paired with complementary makeup. They help to turn an otherwise boring suit into something a little more exciting, yet still formal enough for work.

When it comes to choosing a pair of earrings, there are all sorts of choices. Hooped bands are a good idea if you want something subtle. However, Snyder says that earrings with large stones can work well too.

Try Wearing One Bold Item

Accessories are a great way to make any outfit more stylish. But they’re especially effective at taking work clothes to the next level, without creating a scene. One way to do this is to focus all your attention on a single statement piece. According to style experts, like Snyder, it’s best to stick with Bohemian-style jewelry. She recommends using things like a statement cuff or a bib and just going with one, large item that’ll have everybody in the office mesmerized. A boring outfit can be quickly turned around with a stunning piece of jewelry, especially if it’s made from a piece of solid material, like gold.



Obviously, investing in some of these items is going to be expensive which is why your choice of statement accessory is so important. Ideally, you want something that will stand the test of time and can be worn to work for years to come. Pure gold necklaces and cuffs will set you back a few thousand dollars.

There are cheaper alternatives, of course. It’s just that they probably won’t last you as long. You can reduce the price by a factor of ten by going with silver which is relatively cheap as a metal at the moment.

Don’t Go Overboard

Wearing accessories to work is a great way to help your work outfit create more of an impact. But it is possible to go overboard if you wear too many pieces of jewelry. That’s one of the reasons why experts suggest removing one or two pieces before leaving the house in the morning. When it comes to accessories, less really is more.

You might be able to get away with wearing lots of jewelry at some businesses. But in conservative businesses, wear either a necklace or earrings: don’t wear both.

Stay Up To Date With The Latest Trends

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Although people have been wearing silver to the office for decades, just like everything else, silver jewelry is subject to the latest trends. As such, it’s important to keep up with the latest fashion, as elsewhere. Take a look at what leading style icons are wearing at the moment. They usually provide an insight into what’s hot and what’s not.

Choose Only Items That Are Proportional To Your Body

The whole point of accessorizing is to control where the eye is drawn. You want to make sure that your jewelry is helping to complement your figure, not hinder it. For instance, longer necklaces are great if you want to make your neck appear longer. Equally, if you spend a lot of time face to face with clients, avoid wearing earrings that could distract the other person from making adequate eye contact with you. You want to be able to communicate your message without their eyes wandering all the time to look at earrings that cover your entire ear lobe.

Choose Versatile Jewelry Pieces


The chances are that you’ve got more than just one stylish outfit that you like to wear for work. Because of this, it’s a good idea to choose accessories that are versatile and work for any occasion. There’s no need to have perfectly matching jewelry, so long as the pieces, you’re wearing don’t clash with your outfit. Navy suits, for instance, don’t go well with emerald earrings.


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