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Who just LOVES to clean? Not me!  I like to have a clean and orderly house, but after being a homemaker for 43 years, I’m TIRED. I’ve done my time.  So, I’m always on the lookout to find new products that help me to clean easier and faster.  Thankfully two of my daughters steered me to NORWEX.

Now to be totally honest, I thought “ok, so they have some nice cleaning cloths, but whatever“, then when I got invited to Suzie Q’s online party and saw this video clip…

I Became Sold on NORWEX

As far as work smarter, not harder…these also helped to convince me.

Now, I don’t have children in my home (unless grand kids are visiting), but I have furbabies. If you have dogs, you know about DOGGY NOSE ART.  We have 2 glass doors in the front of our home, 1 in the back of our home, along with  glass doggy doors.  It’s like trying to glue off the glass.  So, instead of trying to duplicate the butter demonstration, I grabbed an EnviroCloth, wet in and wrung it out and went to work.  What would have taken me a good 15 minutes – and I AM NOT exaggerating – took 2 minutes or less.  FOR ALL 4 DOORS.

I was so excited, I headed straight for the master bathroom.  We have huge mirrors over both our sinks.  I hate trying to get toothpaste spatters off those mirrors.  And then, getting them streak free, with not lint left on them.  In the past, I’ve even paid a friend to come over, just to clean those darn mirrors.  Well, the EnviroCloth and Window Cloth did the trick.  I’M SOLD1!

So, for a small investment up front, once can save not only time, but a whole heck of a lot of money because fewer cleaning products are needed. Add into the equation, the fact that fewer chemicals are needed to clean,  means a safer home.  Another plus – the environment. Fewer items purchased means less packaging…so less in landfills. If this has convinced you, then please think about ordering – I’ll benefit, but SO WILL YOU!

Be sure to check out this customer specials – there is one for Mom and one for Dad.  Perfect for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts!

Click—————-> HERE for my online party.  It would be most appreciated!

PS – all you ladies that use Lipsense.  I’ve heard the the body cloth will take it right off:-)

Norwex: The Future in Cleaning is Here

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