If you’re looking for a quick and straightforward DIY job this summer, you should consider making changes to your kitchen. While you could install a new suite or something similar, there are lots of other smaller tasks you could perform. The article you’re reading right now will focus on three improvements you can make in a single day. So, if you have some spare cash and free time this weekend, you can get started straight away. None of these suggestions are going to break the bank. However, they could make your cooking space a little more comfortable and hygienic. With that in mind, let’s begin.

Kitchen Blitzing: 3 Changes Everyone Should Make

Create something to conceal your bin

During the summertime, your kitchen bin is going to start smelling horrible. That is because the rotting food in there will deteriorate faster in the heat. That is the case, even if you have the best kitchen trash can available on the market today. Of course, you should try to empty the bin outside as often as possible. However, there are other things you can do to hide the smell and ensure you’re as hygienic as possible. For instance, you could get hold of some wood from your local DIY store. You could then build a small unit to house your trash can. That should mean fewer germs make their way onto your food preparation surfaces.

Install another extractor fan

ost people have an extractor fan over their cooker. However, that isn’t always enough to remove all the smoke and steam from cooking. By installing another product on the opposite side of the room, you could see a massive improvement. That is because you will create air circulation that should remove all that unwanted condensation and steam. The process is simple, and you won’t require professional assistance. You just need some basic tools to complete the job. There are instructional videos on YouTube that you can watch if you’re confused about the best methods.

Kitchen Blitzing: 3 Changes Everyone Should Make

Move your fridge out of the sun

If you do nothing else this year, I advise you to move your fridge out of the sun. When people design kitchens, they don’t think about that problem. However, if your refrigerator sits in the sun for hours each day, you will use more electricity. That is because the device has to use energy to keep your food cold. Of course, moving that equipment can pose problems if you have fitted units. That means you might have to get your saw out and do some cutting. You might also have to rearrange your cupboards on the walls. It’s sensible to use that opportunity to renovate them if you have the time and money. I released an excellent post a couple of weeks ago that will help you with ideas. Believe me; it’s worth the effort.

You should now have some inspiration for making improvements to your kitchen. Use this advice to ensure you get the most out of your cooking space this year. Building a small bin cupboard isn’t difficult, but it will make a significant difference. The same goes for moving your fridge away from direct sunlight. So, now is the time to put your plan in place and begin your research. With a bit of luck, you can complete all those changes in under one day.


Kitchen Blitzing: 3 Changes Everyone Should Make

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