Hiring a Denver Home Inspection Company

Buying your dream house can be so fulfilling. It is also one of the wisest ways of investing bearing in mind that it is a lifetime thing.

Therefore, you should undergo all the right processes to avoid potential mismanagement of funds. First things first, once you identify your ideal home you must hire a professional to examine whether the house is viable or not.

This process can be quite challenging at times. Find out more here http://www.coloradohomeinspector.com.Without any more concerns, below is a guide on what to look for when hiring a building inspector.

  • Previous education and Training

As the saying goes, “Education is the key to success”. It is, therefore, necessary that you hire a well-educated home inspector.

Ask your preferred company to provide all the relevant documentation as proof that they are well conversant with the task at hand. They should also continuously attend the ongoing training classes to acquire more knowledge in their field.

Most states provide home inspection training programs; hence attendance and completion of the program is evidence enough that the inspector possesses the basic knowledge and skills.

  • Professional Certification

The reality is, most provinces do not issue any home inspector’s license. This means anyone who wishes to become an inspector can freely operate.

Nonetheless, despite the lack of professional certification, various professional boards ensure these assessors are regulated.

One thing you need to understand is there are so many building assessors, and they will do anything to acquire the job. Make sure you choose a professional accredited by the relevant unions.

  • Experience

This is one of the most important factors to consider. How long have they been operational? Can they work under tight schedules?

These are some of the questions you should be asking. Experience comes with expertise in the current field. The more they experience, the more they are conversant with different building styles.

This also means they can quickly identify and respond efficiently to potential issues. For example, a well-experienced building inspector can be able to identify the age and weather-related issues on a building and advice you accordingly.

  • Insurance

The possibilities of human error in every field are inevitable. In this case, even the most experienced home examiners can accidentally overlook some issues in a building.

Ensuring that your preferred inspectors have updated errors and omissions insurance should be on your bucket list.

The insurance protects you from any adverse effects that may arise due to the errors. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that your home buying process is covered.

  • Written Contract

Once you have identified your ideal home examiner, ensure that they have a written contract before commencing the job.

This shows that the company you are dealing with is reputable, and it also protects you from fraudsters.

The contract should have information on the particular role the inspector will accomplish. It should also identify and explain things they won’t inspect. Plus, it should also outline the company’s liability should incase a problem arises.

  • Include the Client

A professional home examiner will want to engage his or her client in the entire inspection process.

This demonstrates that they are transparent in whatever they do and that they have full knowledge of what is expected of them. Besides, the final result is less likely to be faulty or have too many errors.

Additionally, including the client allows the examiner to easily communicate with the home buyer of any potential problems.

  • Cost

Buying a home can be an expensive process that’s why there is a need to hire the best home examiner.

Generally, the main job of the examiner is to confirm that the house has no issues. This is a very important process and it needs budgeting as well.

Nevertheless, you should spend less on this service than on your investments. A good building examiner should be economical and should take only a day to complete the job.

  • Reputation

The best and the easiest way of getting a good home assessor is through referrals. Consider asking other homeowners whether they were satisfied with the person’s job.

You can also visit buildings where they conducted the inspection and assess the condition of the houses.

If you get more positive feedback from the previous customers, then you can be assured they will do a good job on your house too.

Other Factors To Consider

  • Watch Out for Red Flags

One of the questions you should ask your inspector is whether or not they do repairs discovered during the inspection? If the answer is yes, then this could be a major red flag. This could mean that their final report might be biased with the hope that they will be getting extra payments for repairs.

  • Understand What Your Home Inspection Will and Won’t Cover

Generally, only the visible items are covered by a building examiner. Most of them are reluctant when it comes to the structural inspection of the house.

For example, a home inspection may not cover Septic tank systems, warped floors, Landscape, permanent odors, and more.

With this in mind, always make sure you check for these issues yourself to avoid future regrets. Besides, you never know what you will find in the house. Click here to read more.

  • Industry awards

Man inspecting damage in ceiling Home Inspection

When you are choosing an inspector, you will want someone who possesses all the above qualities. So, by choosing an award-winning home inspector you are guaranteed client satisfaction. Likewise, you are also assured that they are also striving to acquire more knowledge in the field.

  • Whether there is a re-inspection fee

Professionals will revisit recently inspected places without issuing any extra expenses.


The best home assessors have a vast knowledge of what to look for when examining a house. Some of the things they examine include plumbing, electrical systems, walls, roof, cooling systems, and central heating, after which they report back on any available or potential repairs.

There are so many benefits of hiring these professionals, so you should never eschew home inspections no matter what.

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