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When You Should Test and Tag Electrical Devices in Australia

Daily contact of people with electricity is inevitable. It drives devices that provide them with a comfortable and easy life and work. Yet, despite all the benefits and conveniences that electricity brings, it’s undeniable that improper handling poses a significant risk.

On the next source, find some common myths about electrical safety:

All devices you use every day must be in good condition to be safe to operate. That primarily refers to electronic components, insulation, grounding, and everything else in direct contact with electricity. Sometimes, the electronics faults are not visible, which poses a great danger to anyone who uses the device.

Reasons to Test and Tag Electrical Devices

Household appliances or working equipment that are regularly checked can spare you a lot of trouble. Test and tag method reduces the risk of electrical shock or other such problems. It diminishes the risk of getting hurt or causing material damage.

It is the auditor’s responsibility to undertake a test and tag procedure to ensure that all tested appliances are well-labelled with the stickers. That will provide easy identification for every next inspection. Construction and demolition businesses require the use of specific tags. If you work in any other industry, you could have your color coding system.

Frequency of Inspection

The manufacturers of every electrical appliance must ensure that any product sold in Australia is approved for sale. It means that a particular product must have specifications and meet all the Australian safety standards. These norms are specified by the federal government.

Products approved for sale should come with a sticker identifying them as having passed various safety tests before leaving the factory. It means that new appliances don’t have to be checked, at least for some time or until they show some signs of impaired work.

So when should you perform a test and tag? That will depend on whether the appliance is for personal, residential, or commercial use. While businesses must meet standards, individuals must take care of their safety. Factories and other business premises must follow specific directions on the testing of the electrical equipment they use. Homeowners can do that according to personal preferences or the needs of the household.

Test and Tag for Commercial Purposes

Sheets of Testing Tags Test and Tag Electrical Devices

Checking the correctness of electrical devices in factories and commercial facilities must be carried out regularly. These periods will vary depending on the manner and frequency of use of electrical equipment, but also on the conditions in which these appliances are located. Each company in Australia has an individual frequency of testing, depending on the risk management and OHS plan. Every employer should adhere to safety tips explained on this link.

Devices in large plants and used by many people should be tested most often. Electronics in harsh environments like building and construction sites or those used for demolition must be checked every three months. The same goes for hire equipment, but you should also inspect and label it before hiring.

Auditors should test devices in factories and warehouses in Australia every six months. Also, it’s necessary to do the inspection after each servicing. This interval of testing and tagging is also recommended for commercial cleaning equipment.

Yearly testing and tagging are recommended for devices where the cords are flexible. These electronics are prone to overuse, which can lead to damage. This period is extended to 5 years if the supply cords are not bending and not exposed to dust, weather influences, or general deterioration.

Residential Test and Tag

There is no specific period when house owners should check the correctness of the appliances in their home. If you just bought a new device, it may seem unnecessary to check if it’s correct and safe to operate, as it is under warranty. But even manufacturers can sometimes make a mistake.

Suppose you have the necessary tools or know a skilled auditor. In that case, you could test and tag any new electrical device that you have purchased. It might be approved for sale, but it can be broken or unsafe for use. Some manufacturers might release faulty device on the market, so better safe than sorry.

Always check whether the new appliance has a tag that proves its correctness. If not, then the product is not covered under any sort of warranty, so you will have to bear the cost of testing and tags.

The general tip is to check the electrical devices’ correctness after every accident that happens in your home. These can be fire, flood, major electrical breakdown, etc. Appliances that are not visibly damaged can be risky, so be sure to check them all before the next use.

Importance of Professional Audit

Before you start testing and tagging, you will need to identify the risks that need to be addressed. That’s why it’s of the utmost importance to hire a skilled auditor who will safely test and tag electrical equipment. Once they have detected the risks, you can ask them to suggest what steps need to be taken and when. That will decrease the risk of accidents and ensure the protection of the property and people.

The advantage of choosing reputable and reliable auditors is that they will provide help when it comes to applying the tags. Professional auditors are certified and insured. They will ensure that the process goes smoothly, without disruption of the work.

When hiring Electrical Testing Services for a T&T label, the tester is looking for a permanent mark identifying the component as being hazardous. If the appliance is damaged but still functional, it may be necessary to repair or replace some part. In case of a severe fault, such as destroyed fuse box, it might be required to remove the item from use.


Test and tag method is a procedure of visual checking, testing, and then labelling the electrical equipment. Every appliance which has ever been examined and tested is then logged as being checked. It is a significant thing, as it helps you record and ensure the security of these devices.

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