Some Fresh Looks for the New Year!

Giving old furniture  Fresh Looks for the New Year!

Christmas has long passed, but the weather is still cold for most of the U.S., so I am working on inside changes to update and freshen up my home. A few years ago, my sister discovered a color of paint, which she used throughout her house where she wanted something dark and neutral. I decided to give it a try on an old hutch, that I inherited from my mother. The color is Black Fox, by Sherwin Williams. Pictured you will see the hutch, cleared of my various collectibles (mostly different types of “Blue Ware.”) I like the color black fox. The brighter background color is one that I had painted on 20 years ago. The darker area has a wash that I experimented with. Both are garish and made anything placed on the shelves look like clutter, but the Black Fox made such an improvement I decided to paint the feet, the top of the base and a stripe on the top molding.

Hutch Collage


My next step will be to change the hardware.


Some Fresh Looks for the New Year!

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3 thoughts on “Some Fresh Looks for the New Year!

  1. THe new look of the furniture really brightened up this hutch and allowed you to appreciate the finish.

  2. I have been thinking about doing this with one of my cabinets , this is going to inspire me to do it!

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