I’m leaving space for memories in a new guest room.

My youngest son, Justin is a great nature lover. When he was a little boy, he planned to live and work in the Amazon. Because he loved the jungle, I decorated his room like a jungle hut, complete with mosquito netting over his loft bed, jungle animals (especially frogs) and bugs all around.

He is now in his twenties, married and living far away. My husband and I wanted to turn his former room into a new guest room. We had already replaced his children’s furniture with heirloom furniture from my parents, and planned to paint and completely redecorate. As you can see from the picture it really needed redoing.

Not only did the furniture not work, the mural, which was painted to be a backdrop for all of the fun jungle stuff was faded and the colors didn’t cut it either.


Unfortunately, Justin didn’t want to loose this piece of his childhood and told me that he really didn’t want me to paint over the mural. After staring at the room for a few weeks, I finally figured out what to do. I didn’t create a new mural, or completely paint over the the old one; I just improved it. The room now has a fresh look (a little more adult) and I even kept the most prized animal in his collection, a giraffe, made by his late uncle. The room is still a little whimsical, but definitely more sedate.

The best part is…It’s just paint! I can change it again.



LeavingSpace for Memories in a New Guest Room.

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10 thoughts on “LeavingSpace for Memories in a New Guest Room.

  1. You did a great job on freshening up and recreating the mural. The room looks much better and still very interesting.

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