Sometimes, we all just need a girls night to get us back on track and feeling like ourselves. When you allow yourself to kick back, indulge in a few of your favorite foods, watch the best kinds of feel good movies and get to pampering, it can feel incredible. Even if you don’t feel like the girliest of girls, you can still enjoy an indulgent night to yourself, switch off and relax. So, if you’re planning on having a night in on your own, or even with friends, here are the top five things you should add to your to-do list.

5 Steps To The Perfect Girls Night In

  1. Buy Snacks

Step one – you have got to have snacks available. Although you’ll be making dinner at some point in the evening, no girls night in is complete without a strong supply of candy, ice cream, and chips. Even if you don’t get around to eating it all, trying to have a girly night without snacks is like watching baseball without your big foam finger – it just can’t happen. So, head to the market earlier in the day and stock up on the good stuff.

  1. Pick Out Movies

Next up, while you’re still in full planning mode, you’re going to want to think about the movies you’re going to watch. We all know the ultimate girls night in movies, from Clueless to Pretty Woman to The Notebook, but you need to establish what kind of mood you’re in. Do you want to watch something full of drama or full of romance? Or maybe a bit of both? Whatever your answer, make sure you have your stack of movies ready to get started.

  1. Pamper The Night Away

Then, you’re going to want to start off your night with a relaxing bath and then slip into your favorite comfortable clothes. When that’s complete, it’s time to think about the beauty products. Whether you pick up the essential teeth whitening products from Cocoblack, or get your favorite face mask from Walmart, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re stocked up on all the beauty essentials for your girls night in.

  1. Get Comfortable

With the majority of your pampering in full swing, you’re going to want to get all set up for your movie marathon. Unless you have a dedicated cinema style room in your home (lucky you), you’re going to want to set up camp in either the living room or the bedroom. That way, you get maximum comfort. Make sure you get blankets and cushions to cuddle up with for when you’re watching movies too.

  1. Combine Pizza & Wine

And finally, you need to make sure that you have the perfect girls night in essentials to enjoy for your dinner. Now, pizza and wine seem to be the staples, but if you want to change that to burger and fries with a cocktail on the side, go right ahead. After all, this is your girls night. As long as you have the dinner of your dreams, everything is on track.

5 Steps To The Perfect Girls Night In

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