The Forgotten Seamstress, by Liz Trenlow

I absolutely loved The Forgotten Seamstress, by Liz Trenlow.

The Forgotten Seamstress


Description From the Publisher:

“Liz Trenow sews together the strands of past and present as delicately as the exquisite stitching on the quilt that forms the centerpiece of the story.”—Lucinda Riley, author of The Orchid House

She Kept Her Secret for a Lifetime…

A shy girl with no family, Maria knows she’s lucky to have landed in the sewing room of the royal household. Before World War I casts its shadow, she catches the eye of the Prince of Wales, a glamorous and intense gentleman. But her life takes a far darker turn, and soon all she has left is a fantastical story about her time at Buckingham Palace.

Decades later, Caroline Meadows discovers a beautiful quilt in her mother’s attic. When she can’t figure out the meaning of the message embroidered into its lining, she embarks on a quest to reveal its mystery, a puzzle that only seems to grow more important to her own heart. As Caroline pieces together the secret history of the quilt, she comes closer and closer to the truth about Maria.

Page-turning and heartbreaking, The Forgotten Seamstress weaves together past and present in an unforgettable journey.

My Review:

Loved Loved Loved It, but be forewarned…it’s heartbreaking.

As an Anglophobe, any book written about the Royal Family (fiction or non-fiction), is right up my alley…add in the time period and the two main female characters…reading bliss!

I’ve had the knowledge of the practice of placing perfectly sane people into mental asylums, as a means of punishment and a way to silence the victims, but this brought that knowledge to life.

Just like Maria’s talent of intricate stitching, Liz Trenlow has sewn her words into a haunting story.

Disclaimer:  I received a copy of this book from Sourcebooks for the purpose of this review.  All opinions stated are 100% mine!

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  • I think I will get this book for my Mom. She is now retired but worked as a seamstress for over 20 years and I think she will enjoy the story…plus she loves a good heart wrenching book!

  • This sounds lovely! I read The Funeral Dress earlier this year that was also really good and the cover and title made me think of that book. I’m currently reading The Lace Reader which is another book that has quite a bit of “sewing” in it.


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