O!Snap Has Launched an INDIEGOGO Campaign

O!Snap has launched an INDIEGOGO  Campaign!


Back in September of 2013, Libby’s Library posted a review of the O!Snap Headphone Clips.

Here’s a photo to remind you:-)


Their main goal is to get enough funding to revamp their manufacturing which will allow them to make the product more affordable for others as well as make mass production possible. They also have their first branding opportunity to help fund raise for a great non-profit… Oregon Active.

Libby’s Library has jumped on board, because we love to support products that are made in the USA!

To learn more, GO HERE.

Libby’s Library as received no monetary support or products for publishing this post.  We well receive back-links.



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  • I do not often wear headphones but my oldest daughter wears them all the time and I will be getting her the clip as it seems to be very user friendly.


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