It’s that happy time of year again when we start to dream about spending hazy days out in the garden. After months of wet, windy weather and chilly temperatures, summer is finally on the horizon. With the prospect of sunny climes not too far away, what better time to overhaul your outdoor space and create a gorgeous garden? If your yard needs some TLC or you’re looking to be more creative with your design ideas, here are some simple, affordable ways to transform your garden.

Plants and flowers
Plants and flowers can enhance any outdoor area. Whether you have a compact yard that is covered in granite or paving stones or you have a large garden with a lawn, scattering plants and flowers around can add color and interest. You can select a color theme, or you can go for broke and create a feast for the eyes with all kinds of different shades. Alternatively, you could keep things simple and clean with evergreen shrubs and trees. Choose plants and flowers that suit the style of the garden and the space you have available. Potted trees and filled planters work well for low-maintenance, small backyards, while flower beds are ideal for larger, more colorful spaces. You can choose to sow seeds and plant bulbs or buy plants, which are already starting to blossom, from a garden center. If you’re new to gardening and you’d like to develop your horticultural skills, there are some fantastic guides for beginners online.

Is It Time For An Outdoor Overhaul? Simple, Affordable Ways To Create A Gorgeous Garden
Garden zones
If you’re eager to turn your backyard into a more versatile space, creating different zones is a fabulous idea. You can use different materials to section off areas for entertaining, playing with the kids or growing your own produce, and you can use distinguished design concepts, colors and lighting to vary the tone. Patios and decking work really well for hosting gatherings, while bark chips are ideal for preventing bumps and bruises around a climbing frame or slide. If you want to relax and chill out, why not hang a hammock in a tree or lay down some floor cushions, scatter some scented plants around and hang some oversized outdoor fairy lights? If you need new garden accessories or you’re on the hunt for a new sofa set to host guests, have a look online for a discount gift card to Walmart. You can save on items you like, and you may be able to buy everything under one roof. Once you’ve got your different areas sorted, you should find that the space caters for everyone.

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Most of us use accessories sparingly inside, but they tend to get overlooked when it comes to outdoor styling. Accessories are a really simple and affordable way of sprucing up your garden, creating a unique look and showing off your style and personality. They can also make the space more functional. Think about using lanterns and LED candles to add ambiance at an evening dinner party, cushions and blankets to get cozy at an al fresco movie night and buckets and pots to produce creative floral displays.

Simple, Affordable Ways To Create A Gorgeous Garden

If your garden needs a little attention after the winter, why not try these ideas for size?


Is It Time For An Outdoor Overhaul? Simple, Affordable Ways To Create A Gorgeous Garden

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