How to Avoid Hidden Costs When Dealing with Wedding Venues

It is exciting to plan a wedding especially if you are looking for possible wedding venues. You want a place that is functional but also picture-perfect. The downside is that as you start looking at available places, you will realise that the cost can be high. You might not be able to afford certain venues. This is true especially for wedding venues during peak season. A lot of people want to reserve the wedding venue and fees start rising all of a sudden. Here are some tips to avoid these issues.

How to Avoid Hidden Costs When Dealing with Wedding Venues

Choose a venue that offers a complete package
It helps if you choose a wedding venue where everything is already included in what you pay. If you are asked to pay for the use of furniture, lights, and restroom separately, the cost could really add up. Therefore, it must be clear what exactly is included in the amount that you pay before making the final reservation. It should also be stated in the contract that you are signing. You can decide to ask a third party to provide these services, but the cost might increase.

Ask if a caterer is provided
You can ask if the wedding venue provider also offers catering services. Sometimes, if you book their venue, they can also provide the food at a lower rate. This is better than hiring someone else to cater for you. However, you also need to check if they allow a third-party catering service. If they do, will they charge you for it? You want the best food for the wedding, but it should not burden you further. As long as you can do food tasting and you like it, nothing should stop you.

Calculate the taxes in advance
Usually, the amount given to you as the cost does not include the taxes. You might think that it is just a small percentage of the total cost, but you will see that it is quite high. Therefore, you have to prepare in advance, so you won’t be surprised once you receive the bill.

Setting up the venue
Usually, this is included in the service provided by the wedding venue provider. They might not give the exact design that you have in mind though. If you ask for a customized design, will you be charged additional fees? Are you allowed to bring your own designer to help out? You need to make decisions in advance regarding the decoration to avoid feeling frustrated that the venue does not look the way you wanted on your wedding day.

There is nothing wrong in being too ambitious with your wedding venue. Just make sure you don’t blow all the budget just for this since you have a lot more to spend your money on. Check on wedding venues in Oxfordshire if you live in the area for options.


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