4 Things You Need to Consider Before Bringing Home A Pet

If you’re reading this article, then you’re probably considering getting a pet for the first time. While having a pet at home can be very rewarding, it also comes with many responsibilities. Feed it, make it happy, also be happy – sounds pretty simple, right? Well, not entirely, as taking care of a pet isn’t as easy as you may see on social media and in movies. 

So, are you planning on bringing an extra bundle of joy into your home? Take the time to consider these important things first. 

4 Things You Need to Consider Before Bringing Home A Pet

  • Costs and affordability

How much you’ll end up spending for your pet will depend on the kind of animal you want – and the same applies to its feeding and health. However, it is important to keep in mind that any upfront fee may also include vaccination, de-sexing, and even microchipping. After the upfront fee, you also need to ensure that you can cater to ongoing costs like feeding, shelter, regular health examinations, training, toys, etc. Considering this is likely your first pet, you may want to start small, especially if you’re not sure how committed family members will be to taking care of a pet yet. Looking for more budget-friendly, low-maintenance pets like guinea pigs can be a great pet to start with. You can usually adopt a guinea pig for $20-$40, and then they require minimal fees throughout the year.

Nutrition is essential and you should ensure that you invest in a trusted food brand for your pet. For example, you can rely on the Purina Pro Plan to help your pet lead a long, healthy, and rewarding life through proper nutrition. 

  • Why do you want a pet?

Sometimes, we end up thinking we also want a pet after surfing through the beautiful pictures people post on the internet about adorable furry buddies. But take some time off social media and consider why you really want a pet. 

Do you want one simply because you like the idea of having one? Are you lonely and looking for some form of companionship? Are you in search of a source of emotional support? Or are you looking for a cute animal to take selfies with so you can post on social media? 

Although having a pet comes with many health benefits, it also requires a lot of responsibility. So, be sure first.

  • Are you ready to commit?

Without trying to sound like a broken record, it is important to reiterate that having a pet comes with many responsibilities and long-term commitment. You need to be a hundred percent certain that you’re ready to commit. Cats and dogs for example, have an average lifespan of about 10 to 15 years. Are you prepared to devote your time and attention to them for that long?

If you feel you don’t have that amount of time to spare (but still want a pet), you could choose one that is less time-demanding – like a fish, for example.

  • Is your family ready?

Bringing Home A Pet Little Girl picking cherries with a golden retriever by her side


If you’re going to introduce a pet into your home for the first time, you need to make sure it will fit into your family’s lifestyle. If you have kids, you also need to teach them how to take care of the new housemate when you’re not around. Also, take the time to find out if there are allergies to be wary of. You can do this either by spending time around a friend’s pet or bring it home to be sure no one else in your family is allergic.


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