How Do I Plan My Day

Nowadays most people are constantly in a hurry, they are always short of time, have a giant to do list on a daily basis and, in general, are pressed down by job, household chores, kids’ tasks and absolutely crazy stressful life pace. Lately many of us have become subjected to crisis based downsizing, and people are laid down by thousands. We have stopped cherishing illusions and stay clear-eyed about the whole situation. Life is becoming more and more difficult: the employers go to extremes, keeping us only work-oriented and at the same time practicing mass layoffs, making cuts in payroll and having the staff down to almost nothing. Almost all our benefits are dried up and moreover the chiefs take zero-tolerance approach to personal problems. And we are least likely to make it to another job although, perhaps, we have all the makings to tip the balance in our favor. The only thing left to do is to weight up all the pros and cons and five it a try to slow down our pace and take the advantage of all the chances to keep afloat. That’s a real challenge as we are always targeted for working hard twenty four seven no matter what other things to do, children to bring up and diseases to cure we have.

My personal daily routine has never really fitted into a regular pattern and I have always had to fit a lot of work, household duties and time with my children into my week. I practice working freelance and part-time, so I am a regular commuter and consequently spend a great deal of time on getting around the city as all my places to work don’t seem to be within walking distance. The time left for my family is so little that I come to realize I need a change. Here are a few tips to manage time and stay happy, having completed the whole to do list…how I plan my day and plan my week.

Making the list

To start executing all you need in a slapdash way is an absolutely no-go decision. You will only get everything mixed up, wasting time with anxiety about when you will get it all done. So, either put a to do list down or create a bullet journal, and make it ordered.

Decide how long each thing takes

All my deals fall into some groups, depending on different factors. For example, some little odds and ends are expected to be done in no time, so I group them together or plan them out to be executed during breaks between major things. Some deals are outdoor activities and need more time, effort and readiness to stay off the house or workplace. Household chores, such as cooking my favorite bean soup or tom yum soup take about 15 minutes and could be done at lunchtime, when I change job, if only leftovers and fridge essentials are available and I’m free of extra trip to a shop. Deals, having to do with all my jobs are always put on hold until the night as they require concentration and much time, that is impossible when the children in and awake.

Schedule each activity

It makes temporal sense to schedule each activity, identify the biggest challenge and top priority. The last one is my children and I definitely spare time for them after picking them up from kindergarten. That is time for us to hang out, entertain, chat and enjoy each other. I’m a complete stranger to employing nurses. May be society will raise a collective eyebrow, but chances are I will sacrifice work for children’s sake. Besides, walking my kids out we are free to stop off the way to do some shopping. One more thing is done! Tidying up, sweeping dust, washing the dishes are my regular activities at lunch time, when I change job from part-time to freelance and have a break to clear the house and follow the funnel cake recipe, which is an undoubted hit with all my family.

Take a deep breath. Then execute

Every day a great deal of things are waiting to be done, taking almost all our time. But if you are not hosting an unpredictable crowd on a regular basis or not always on business trips and enjoy quite usual daily routine, it is absolutely real to fit all your deals and duties into your day or week. Making a to do list is a no-fail technique to manage your precious time and feel comfortable at the end of the day. For me, scheduling a day is a substantial anxiety reliever. Give it a try and make sure!


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