Scraprack Update See Mine

Is it okay to fall in love with a THING?  If so, then I’m in LOVE with my ScrapRack!

I’m sure that many of your remember that Tiffany (the designer and owner of The ScrapRack), sent me a fabulous package containing a ScrapRack, Pages, Dividers and an awesome Travel Pack.  I’ve since purchased numerous extra “Pages”, Photo and Memory Organizer Kits, an Expansion Base with Spinders and a really cool and nifty tool – called a Rub-On Roller!

Here is a recent photo of my crafting area.

My ScrapRack with Expansion Base

 I continue to add to my ScrapRack, and perfect my storage system.  I plan to expand my ScrapRack one more time, with an additional Expansion Base with 7  or 8 more “Spinders”, and I will be getting a lot more Specialty Storage Pages…my favorite being the Side Loader Single! I also want to give the new Flippin Storage Pages a try.

Do you need to be able to find your scrapbooking and/or craft supplies quickly and easily.  Do you  need to learn how to purge your scrapbooking and craft supplies?  Have you been putting off working on projects, because you just don’t know what you did with that perfect piece of paper you bought just for  “Johnnies” kindergarten graduation or those special stickers for “Susie’s” dance recital?

Never Fear…Tiffany is here.  Well not here, but HERE.

She offers free online classes on scrapbook/crafting organization.  Yes, she pitches her products along the way, but offers so many suggestions on how to use items that you have on hand, that will help you to get your craft/scrapbook room (nook, corner, desk), organized so that you can find your supplies easily and without frustration.  She will take you step by step, through your piles of paper,  bevy of brads and rolls of ribbon.

For the most part, I follow Tiffany’s suggestions on how to group supplies, but I’ve also learned, that I can customize my ScrapRack system, to fit my particular “quirks”.  Since my brain doesn’t work quite the same as a normal brain, I find that once in a while I need to change things up a bit.  For instance – I need all my embellishments grouped together, as opposed to being grouped by color or subject…but I’m jumping ahead.  You need to take Tiffany up on her free classes.  I can’t say enough great things about them.

Can’t attend the live sessions – no problemo – watch them at your leisure.  They can be accessed on The ScrapRack website. It’s just fun to attend the live broadcast so you can ask questions and benefit from the questions the others will ask!

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 A new class starts April 3rd – come join me, because I plan to attend!

I have received products in the past, from The ScrapRack.  I’ve also purchased products from The ScrapRack.  The opinions stated in this post (as always), are 100% my own.
Scraprack Update
Scraprack Update See Mine

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  1. I have not heard of this site before but I have a few scrapbooking items and would like to get into it more. I think the free classes are a great idea for newbies like myself especially. Thanks for the great info.

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