Wedding Anniversary

Anniversary Breakfast

On the morning of your anniversary be prepared to serve your loved one a lovingly prepared breakfast of fruit and pastries which you have prepared the night before like lemon pound cake or applesauce cake. Make it something simple that you can put on a tray along with coffee and serve it in bed.

Not in Your Plans to View the Sunrise

If a very early morning taking a look at the sunrise is not in your plans, then plan to spend a day in bed. If your anniversary is a day when you do not have to work you might consider snuggling back under the covers once you have had some breakfast in bed. Take the time to relax, talk, and make love. Spending a day like this can make for better bonding between the two of you.

Planning an Anniversary Picnic

When your anniversary comes if the day and season allows for an anniversary picnic arrange to have one at your favorite spot. Put together a loving picnic with your favorite foods, a bottle of wine or champagne, grab a blanket and head out for that special place you like to be together. Spend some time together, think of your wedding wishes you got on your big day, talk about your favorite destinations and all that. You’re getting my point right?

Having a Picnic at Home

If your anniversary comes in the wintertime or the weather does not make it a perfect day to spend outside consider having a picnic right in your own home. Set up a special picnic in your own living room and make it more romantic by lighting a fire in the fireplace if you have one. If you don’t have a fireplace, put scented candles all around. Make sure you have your favorite romantic music playing. Enjoy your time together with some wine or champagne and turn the lights down low.

Intimate Romantic Dinner

For your anniversary consider making a romantic dinner just for two. Prepare a special meal that you might have had together when you first began dating. Bring back those special memories and prepare instant pot spaghetti sauce which you can have with some linguine. If you like you can prepare your loved one’s favorite meal and light up the candles for a special and romantic night at home.


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