Your Step-by-Step Guide to Help You buy Shoes Properly Online

There are a few items you can’t buy online and a few others that may sound too difficult to purchase without seeing or trying on the item. One of these items is shoes.

If you shop shoes online, you will need to make a few adjustments to your in-store purchasing habits, but you should be able to locate and purchase the right size and style shoe from most any online retailers. Learn to save money in Online Shopping at

Here is your step-by-step guide to help you buy shoes properly online.

Go to a Trusted Website

Look for shoes from a trusted website, a recognizable name brand, store or one you have visited in person before. This way you know you will be getting the best shoes at a reasonable price.

Another thing to search for when looking for a reputable online shoe store is to look for the BBB or Better Business Bureau logo. This tells you that the company is in good standing with this consumer agency. If a retailer did not care about their customers, they would not care to get a good score on with this rating company.

Take Accurate Measurements

When shopping for shoes online, be sure to take accurate measurements of both of your feet. Often times, one foot is a little smaller than the other one.

This may not make that much difference, but you might consider getting a half size smaller to accommodate for the difference. Some website stores will send you two different size shoes, and others will not. You will have to call and ask what their policy is on different size pairs of shoes.

You can lay a yardstick or other type of ruler down on the floor and stand on it to get the most accurate size of each of your feet. Another way to accurately measure your feet is to trace them onto a plain white piece of paper and then measure that. Either way, be sure to wear socks; preferably the ones you will be wearing with your new shoes.

Decide What Style Shoes You Want

You would not go to an office supply store for groceries and vice versa. So, you don’t want to go to an online shoe store that specializes in women’s shoes if you need men’s or children’s shoes.

To save time, visit a specialty website for the type of shoes you are searching for. You will also get the best deals and prices.

Boots – Depending on the type of boots you are looking for, you may want to visit that particular style website or search for best boots online. For example, a Western wear Internet Store will have cowboy type boots but probably won’t carry snow boots.

An all-weather web-based shoe store may carry snow boots; however, you may not find the Western-style boots. There is a wide variety of snow boot styles, most of them designed for function and comfort, not for fashion.

Fashion boots are making a comeback, even the longer 60’s style “Go-Go” boots are in style when worn with short skirts and short-shorts. Fashionable boots can be many different lengths, from anklets to thigh-high. For this reason, it is important to add an additional measurement of your calves when measuring your feet.

Sandals – Lately sandals have gotten a bad reputation. This is because the vast majority of them do not have any type of support for your feet. Another reason podiatrists recommend covered shoes and not sandals are because of the higher risk of injury.

The flat surface of many sandals can become wet with sweat or rain and cause you to slip and fall. Another risk is there is no ankle support on many of the more fashionable sandals. Small straps are not that supportive.

There are different types of sandals that use thick rubber bottoms, and they are still fashionable on the top. These styles are a better option for walking long distances and optimum comfort.

High Heels – When shopping for high heels, be sure to think about your arch and the bottom of the shoes. If your feet hurt after a long day in heels, opt for a fashionable wedge style. These types of heels will give you more stability and are often wider so there is more of the shoe hitting the floor.

High heels are another type of shoe doctors that care for feet discourages women from wearing.


A photograph of the shoes you like may show detail but will not allow you to see which type of material they are made of. For this reason, you will need to read the material listing carefully.

Another reason for going over the list of materials the shoes are made of is to help determine the quality. When you purchase shoes in a store, you can feel the weight and quality.

A purchase online depends on the description and your knowledge of different shoe materials. If there is a listing of material, you are unsure of, look it up to make sure it is something you would be comfortable wearing.

Return Policy

Be sure to review the return policy before you purchase something like shoes. Because shoes are created, just like clothing, by different manufacturers, the sizes from one factory to the next can vary widely. A size 7 from one shoe dealer can be as small as a size 6.5 or up to a 7.5 at the next vendor.

Most policies require a return within a few days. It is important to try on your shoes as soon as you receive them to avoid paying any extra fee upon return.

Be sure to try your new shoes on indoors. If you think you may need to return them, keep them clean.

Online shoe shopping may not be as exciting as trying on shoes and walking out of the store with them, but it can be cost effective. Many websites that sell shoes will feature photos of men and women wearing the shoes they sell to give you a better idea of the look.


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