Eco-Friendly Funeral Alternatives to Consider

As the famous saying goes, death and taxes are just about the only sure things in life. Everyone will have to breathe their last eventually and move to the afterlife. Most people know that a funeral gathers the deceased person’s family and loved ones before they either get buried or cremated based on the departed’ s preference.

However, there are several eco-friendly funeral alternatives that you can consider. In addition, there are other ways to bury the dead; some have gained popularity through the years as they’re deemed eco-friendly alternatives. These may not be traditional ways to bury a beloved family member, but they are still ways to honor their life.

If you wish to make an alternative funeral arrangement, you can coordinate with a reliable funeral home to help out, like They have years of experience in providing excellent send-offs to the dearly departed.

Here are some eco-friendly funeral alternative arrangements to consider.

Natural burials 

If you choose to have a natural burial, the corpse would be wrapped in biodegradable shrouds or placed inside a pine coffin without using chemicals to stimulate the natural decomposition process. The body will also be buried in a 3-foot deep hole which would hasten the decomposition process in an identified eco-friendly burial ground.


When a body gets cremated, it doesn’t need a casket which automatically saves on wood felled from forests. When choosing a crematorium, you must determine whether they use eco-friendly ways to burn the corpse. Of course, using wood is counterproductive and releasing fumes in the air will also expose other people to possible contaminants. If you choose this path, ask for crematoriums that observe ethical processes.

Eternal reefs 

Once families receive the ashes, they can have them memorialize the departed even further by using the remains to create a reef. Some localities allow this process as it would help the marine ecology. The ashes get mixed with an environmentally safe cement mixture, and a reef is molded and placed on the departed’ s favorite spot. The family can also write messages to personalize the reef even further.

Cremation diamond

The cremation diamond is another way to turn ashes into something tangible. The ashes will undergo several processes to ensure that there aren’t oxidic or metallic elements present before the purification and growing of the diamond begins. Once the process is complete, the family members will have the departed close to their hearts as they can wear the cremation diamond as jewelry or an accessory.


Another alternative is the process of resomation. It uses a third of the energy and alkaline hydrolysis to break down the body instead of fire. This also decreases greenhouse emissions by at least 35 per cent. In addition, the procedure creates two products – bone ash and a DNA-free liquid, which get released into the water systems.

Wrap up

Several alternative funeral arrangements can be made if the deceased planned for it while they were still alive. The eco-friendly alternatives are still gaining traction and popularity but present different ways to honor the departed’ s memory.



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  • I’ve never heard of a cremation diamond. I’ll have to keep that in mind. As of right now, I’d let my kids donate my body to science bc I have autoimmune disorders and if it can help research advancements I am all for it. Then I want to be cremated.


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