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10 Ways To Snazz Up Your Ceilings

When decorating our homes, many of us don’t pay much attention to the ceiling. However, the way you decorate a ceiling can have a big impact on the look and feel of a room. 

Ceilings are typically painted white or matched with the color of the surrounding walls. However there are many other ways to decorate a ceiling. Below are just a few ideas to consider.

10 Ways To Snazz Up Your Ceilings

Blue sky

Painting a ceiling light blue can help to give it a blue sky feel. This could help add height and make a room feel more spacious and cheery.

Clouds can be painted onto the ceiling to add to this blue sky feel, however you’ll want to hire a professional to paint these on so that they don’t look too tacky.

Darker blue can be used to simulate a night sky, which can be great within a bedroom. Which leads onto the next possible ceiling idea…

Starry night

The starry night sky effect can be a fun way to snazz up a bedroom ceiling, although it may not be to everyone’s taste. There are a few different ways to create a starry night sky.

One option could be to simply paint the ceiling dark blue or black and then paint stars onto it. Glow-in-the-dark paint or glow-in-the-dark stickers could be an option for the stars. 

Alternatively, you could create stars using lights. There are DIY fiber optic kits that you can buy to illuminate your ceiling at night.


Another way to decorate your ceiling is to add wallpaper. This is certain to draw people’s attention to the ceiling and it can immediately make a room feel more visually exciting. 

A wallpapered ceiling can work best when contrasted with neutral colored painted walls – you don’t want your ceiling and walls to both be heavily textured, as this could make the room feel too busy. Adding wallpaper to a ceiling can make it feel lower, so you may want to avoid it in a low ceilinged room (unless you want to bring attention to the low ceiling).

Wooden planks/beams

Adding wood to a ceiling can make a room feel more cozy and rustic. It could also have added benefits like insulation and sound muffling.

You could cover the entire ceiling in wooden planks for a warm log cabin feel. Installing such planks is fairly easy – you can learn how to here. Such a wooden ceiling is best avoided in a bathroom unless the wood is well treated against moisture damage.

You can also decorate a ceiling by adding wooden beams. You may be able to strip the ceiling back to reveal the natural beams, although this may just reveal pipes and wires. Faux wooden beams may be a better option that won’t require ripping apart the ceiling. There are lots of fun ways to decorate wooden ceiling beams including wrapping lights around them or painting them.

Decorative molding

Decorative ceiling molding (also known as ceiling trim) was used in many large homes prior to the 20th century. It can immediately make a room feel more ornate and sophisticated, although it can look out of place in some smaller properties. 

Crown molding is one of the most common types of molding. This is used to divide the ceiling and the walls. Such molding can be basic or intricately patterned to make more of a statement.

A ceiling rose around a light fitting is a less common form of decorative molding that can make a room feel more regal. Decorative molding can also be used to separate the ceiling into panel sections for a similarly elegant look that could look great in a large hallway or high ceilinged dining room.. 


When it comes to eye-catching light fittings, chandeliers are one of the most traditional and striking options. There are many styles of chandelier to explore from luxurious period-style crystal chandeliers to quirky 60s sputnik chandeliers. This guide to styles of chandelier lists some of the most common options. 

Chandeliers are often best suited to higher ceilinged spaces where people won’t knock their head on them. The exception is when hanging them over dining tables or kitchen islands where it’s better to hang them slightly lower, allowing you to get away with a lower ceiling. 

Recessed lights

A single overhead light fitting often isn’t enough to illuminate an entire room. Adding recessed lights across a ceiling can provide added brightness. 

Such lights are very minimal and are ideal if you don’t want to distract from other elements in the room. Just make sure to bear in mind the added cost of installation and energy. You should hire an electrician to install these lights.

Track lighting

Track lighting involves installing multiple lights along a track on a ceiling. These lights are often pointed in different directions in order to illuminate an entire room.

The lights use less cable than recessed lights, and so are cheaper and easier to install. There are many different styles of track lighting that you can look into from brass spotlights to vintage Edison bulbs. 


Ceiling mirrors are notorious for being kinky bedroom accessories, however they can be added to other rooms for other fun and more innocent purposes.

For example, a mirrored ceiling above a dining room table can be a quirky feature for allowing diners to take in the entire tablescape. 

Mirrored ceilings can also be added to hallways above stairs to add height and increase brightness. This could take the form of a single large mirror around a light fitting or multiple mirrors across the ceiling. 

It’s important that ceiling mirrors are securely fastened. Make sure that you are able to clean the mirror.


A skylight is a window in the ceiling. These windows can be excellent for letting in extra natural light. They can also be used to provide added ventilation to rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. In a bedroom, they could even allow you to peer up at the night sky from your bed. 

Skylights are not cheap to install and need to be well maintained, however they can be striking features that can add value to your property. You should always use a professional like Mighty Dog Roofing in Ponte Vedra, FL when installing a skylight to make sure that it is installed to a high quality. 

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