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2020 Easter Gift Guide Page

Disclaimer: Beautiful Touches has received products from sponsors, or has purchased items, or found items of interest, to be included in our gift guide pages.  Any “opinions” stated are those of the author(s).  No monetary compensation has been exchanged.

Times they have been “a change’n”, and this Easter may not be the same as it has always been.  But, we can find joy in each day if we try.  We want our readers to know that we keep you in our thoughts and prayers, and hope that you will find peace this Easter season, and that you and those you love, will be blessed with good health and peace of mind.

Now, on to our 2020 Easter Gift Guide Suggestions


Kids all over the country are now at home all day every day.  Keep them entertained and LEARNING with OSMO! My grandkids love playing  with their OSMO games.  We feel great knowing that they aren’t just having fun, but they are also learning!

OSMO - 2020 Easter Gift Guide


With the Osmo game system, you can play in the real world and in the digital universe at the same time! Osmo’s ten hands-on games are designed for kids ages 4-12 and they work on your iPad or Fire tablet.
🍓 Help Awbie eat tons of strawberries and save his castle with Coding Awbie
🌟 Draw stuff that Mo The Monster needs, and he’ll bring your drawings to life with the Creative Set
🎵 Create code and rock out with mermaids and cavemen with Coding Jam
🏎 Race real Hot WheelsTM cars on wild digital tracks with Osmo Hot WheelsTM MindRacers
🍕 Cook up pizzas and run your very own pizza shop with Pizza Co
🔢 Count up some fun with Osmo Numbers
🎓 Put on your thinking cap with the Genius Kit: Solve Tangram puzzles, figure out mystery Words, and crash into physics with Newton
🎨 Draw anything you want better than you ever thought you could with Masterpiece You can buy

The Complete Osmo Coding Family comes with three games, each exploring a different aspect of coding. In Awbie, use basics of logic and problem-solving to venture through five diverse worlds on a mission to save the mountain. In Jam, get creative and make music with code. With a safe in-app sharing experience, you can code your way to become a music superstar! In Duo, use your coding blocks from Awbie and Jam to solve advanced puzzles as you embark on a quest to find a scientist’s missing pets. You can play solo or side-by-side with a friend — one player coding for Awbie and the other coding for Mo. In Coding Duo, collaboration and strategy pave the way to success.

From March 22 to April 11, Osmo offers 30% off the Coding Family Bundle, which includes Coding Jam, Coding Awbie, and Coding Duo, only at Shopping Link.

From March 22 to April 11, Osmo offers 20% off Osmo Kits and Games at all U.S. retailers. This sale excludes: Osmo bases; breakout games (i.e. Little Genius Squiggle Magic, ABCs game packs, Osmo Numbers); Pizza Co.; and Detective Agency. Osmo is available at Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Apple Store, and

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It may not be possible to all be together this Easter holiday, but don’t let that stop you from capturing the memories.  Dress up your little ones and take some great photos.  With outfits from Feltman Brother’s you’ll be able to send some oooh and aaah pictures to those that mean the most!

Feltman Brother's Pin - 2020 Easter Gift Guide

From Feltman Brother’s:
Exquisitely sewn and hand embroidered heirloom-quality baby wear.
Dressing generations of babies since 1916.

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Accessories, apparel, beauty needs, home goods, activewear, products for men, products for pets… and more.  I found some beautiful jewelry that will wow my friends, but not break the bank! Loads of great brands like Jordan Sparks, Emma + Ellie, Bless This Table,Honey Minx,Beverly  Beach…and More.RivalWorld - 2020 Easter Gift Guide

From RivalWorld:


Discover a modern, curated platform for everything you love about beauty. Shopping for unique, emerging brands in makeup and fashion just got easier. The RivalWorld experience connects you with innovative, quality beauty discoveries brought to you by today’s most powerful lifestyle influencers.


Redefining the standards of beauty, we bring you a portfolio of top influencers who are setting trends in beauty, fashion, and style. Get inspired to create your own looks with their exclusive brand offerings, all in one site.


With unrivaled expert style, the hottest looks, application tips and the latest products, we deliver the best in indie beauty. RivalWorld empowers you to create the looks you love with confidence. No more regrettable beauty purchases! A one-stop-shop for inspiration, new ideas and trends to call your own.

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Here in the South, it’s plenty warm – in the high 80’s and low 90’s each day.  With the kids home, they need to blow of some steam with outdoor activities.  Starlux Games to the rescue. My grand kids are loving Sharks & Minnows!Starlux Games - 2020 Easter Gift Guide

From Starlux Games:
Starlux Games, creates engaging glow-in-the-dark games that motivate kids to put aside their screens and interact with each other in real life, in real time and in the great outdoors.Their glow based outdoor games—inspired by classic group activities—are designed to be played outside in the evenings, just at the time when other options are scarce and kids are more apt to turn to tech for their entertainment.
Starlux Games wants to help kids of all ages, and families as a whole, to get moving, get outside, get thinking and get them interacting! Team based games that get the whole family moving and enjoying the great outdoors are good for everyone’s body, mind and spirit!
After nine years teaching high school and watching kids become more and more disengaged with their surroundings and each other, Judd King came up with the idea for Starlux Games: “I wanted to create something that I would have loved as a kid—but also something that would be so incredibly engaging and dynamic that kids and teens would actually put their phones down and interact with each other.”—Judd King
Starlux Games mission is to create ways for families and friends to engage with each other in active outdoor play that includes teamwork, strategy and lots of excitement.

Starlux Games recently won Outdoor Toy of the Year Award from Creative Child Magazine and a Mom’s Choice Award.

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Social Distancing doesn’t mean that you can’t keep in touch, and snail mail will brighten a special someone’s day for sure.  And with Pop Up Cards from Cardology, that special someone will know that they are loved…this Easter or for any holiday!!!

Springwelly Pop Up Card from Cardology - 2020 Easter Gift Guide

From Cardology:
Cardology Ltd provides hand-crafted pop-up greetings cards.

I first discovered the art of Kirigami on my travels. I was blown away with similar pop up cards that I had seen and was fascinated with how they are constructed. Within a week of me returning back to London, myself and my sister, purchased books and craft tools and started to practice making these pop-up cards.

My sister is a former engineer – which explains how she picked up this art incredibly quickly! We started by downloading templates off the internet and looking at designs in books to learn this craft – so we won’t take credit for all of the amazing designs we have in our shop :), but we have now started to create our own designs, which is incredibly rewarding.

From an initial idea to creating the template takes over 1 month, with constant iterations of the template until we are happy with the 3D design. This takes countless attempts of printing the template and cutting/folding until the image pops out 3D. If we are unhappy, we get back to template to modify it and start the process again! To get the professional finish, the templates are printed and cut to high quality card with a laser printer/cutter and assembled.

We decided to turn this hobby into a business (and escape the corporate world) to see if we could spread this beautiful art to the public and so far the response and demand for them has been amazing!

We hope you love these cards as much as we have loved learning the craft and making them!

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I love these bags…being able to shop, wash, and reuse is especially important at this trying time.  I feel safer knowing that I’m using bags that I’ve cleaned, and It’s good for the environment too. They are really sturdy and hold a lot.  Just last week I went to a farmers market.  I was able to shop in the fresh air and sunshine, get some great produce and my SOL + SPIRIT bags held all my purchases.  I plan to use them for all my shopping from this point forward!

SOL + SPIRIT Organic Cotton Shopping Bags - 2020 Easter Gift Guide


Simple, effective tips and advice on how to start living a GREEN lifestyle. Protect our planet & promote change by adding these small changes in your day!

We are a small business with a big heart.

We founded SOL + SPIRIT with one goal in mind: providing the highest quality, zero-waste eco-friendly products to sustain your green lifestyle.

We know that with the proper tools and the right mindset, each small action that we take to preserve the planet has a huge impact. We want to encourage others to do the same.
Our passion for protecting the planet has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future. We know that every purchase is a meaningful one, and strive to make the entire shopping experience as rewarding as possible.
That is why we have partnered with one of the best organizations out there dedicated to cleaning up the oceans. 10% of profits are donated to The Ocean Cleanup.
You know what they say… we don’t need a thousand people doing it perfectly, we need a million people doing it imperfectly. Every little bit counts.
Start today. Join the #plasticfreerevolution!

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Lots of options for Easter giving.  Individually wrapped soaps, just the right size to add to Easter Baskets.  

Soap Cauldron Pin - 2020 Easter Gift Guide

Our company, Soap Cauldron is the creative ground from which all our soap creations originate. We are family owned and operated and located in beautiful Northern California and we’ve been making natural herbal soaps in small batches for our family and friends as the Three Sisters Apothecary and Soapy Tails brands since 1999. The art of alchemy best describes what we do. Our handcrafted bar soaps are made in the time-honored tradition of the first soap guilds of 7th century Europe. Now just as it was then each bar is handmade in small batches with only natural botanicals, pure essential oils and gourmet butters. From the early recipes coveted by these guilds, these beneficial ingredients nourish and support skin daily.
We incorporate ingredients from nature into our cauldron and transform them into nourishing and gentle soaps that gently cleanse and pamper the skin. We know that in this fast-paced world the simplicity of nature is often forgotten. We bring back that reverence for nature with our products. The natural plant oils we select are pure and chosen for the unique properties they impart to our bars. These oils are gently heated with finely ground nurturing botanicals that will infuse their benefits to the finished soap bar.
What makes our brand unique:
· We are community based, and family owned. We care about transparency and simplicity.
· We use only natural ingredients which is why we only make anhydrous (oil based) products.
· Our products are made naturally and packaged environmentally with the smallest carbon footprint possible.

Learn More, Follow, and Shop Soap Cauldron: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest


Let’s not forget our four legged friends this year…Your Pups!  Kibble “reimagined”.  Subscription dog food, delivered to your door.

From New Roads:

In our family, we had something called “the big idea.” It evolved over the years, founded in our mission to serve our customers—with integrity and transparency—fresh, safe, and locally-made food for their family dog.
Our “big idea” was to set the bar for pet foods at a place where it hadn’t been set before: What could we do to make the best possible product on the market? Food that’s not incrementally better, but a kind of quantum leap in terms of quality. A level of quality primarily used for people (human edible) but developed very specifically to offer dog parents the most nutritious food available for their four-legged family.
We believe in transparency; that the more you know about how your pet’s food is made and what goes into it, the better off the both of you are.

Learn More, Follow, and Shop New Roads:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube


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  • These are such lovely choices that would work for all ages for family gifts. I know that the soap and reusable bags would be especially appreciated by my grandkids who are very eco conscious.

  • With this virus my grandchildren would love the Osmo game system. They are getting bored with their old toys.

  • Oh, my goodness, the Feltman Bros. baby clothes are too adorable. And, the coding games from Osmos will be very popular with tweens.

  • I tend to support companies that care about our planet! Going green will certainly help! Plus keep our earth clean and germ free! This is great that a mom and daughter worked together fo bring a useful product available! Kudos!! I shared on Pinterest 😍
    Thank you for sharing!

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    for introducing me to a fun way to learn! I have
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