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2019 Holiday Gift Guide – For the Travel Lover

Welcome everyone, Gift Ideas and Buying Guide for the Traveler. Check out all the awesome brands below.  Come back often as we will be adding throughout the season.  Beautiful Touches has received these items from brands, as gifts and from family and friends, or have purchased for this years gift giving.  No monetary compensation has been exchanged. All opinions are those of the author. Check out all our Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Publications.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide – For the Travel Lover

Nextbase Dash Cams

Oh, all those great holiday road trips.The Nextbase 322 GW Dash Cam will record your travels so you can relive the fun! But more than that, should you get into an accident, your Nextbase dash cam will have all the info you need to prove exactly what happened, and will summon emergency help to your exact location!

Nextbase Dash Cam Collage - 2019 Holiday Gift Guide - For the Travel Lover

The world’s first Dash Cam with Emergency SOS ensures your journey is safer than ever before. It will alert the emergency services to your location in the event of the accident and send on crucial medical data to aid efficient treatment. A vastly upgraded 2.5” IPS HD touch screen for menu selection and playback provides the ultimate user experience.

Key features: 1080p HD resolution at 30 fps, 2.5” HD IPS touch screen, 140° viewing angle, 10Hz GPS Module, AutoSync, Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi via MyNextbase Connect and PC/Mac software – MyNextbase Player

The 322GW is also compatible with the Nextbase Rear-View Camera Modules to add a second camera. Personalise your Dash Cam and choose one of 3 different rear camera views from Rear, Cabin or Rear Window view.

Why use a dash cam?

Although a dash cam’s main purpose is to record your journey whilst driving, it’s a fact of life that accidents occur when you least expect them to happen. Ensuring that you’re equipped with a dash cam whilst driving can protect you against insurance claim disputes and providing you with an independent witness in any scenario.Our Nextbase 2 Series products are packed with great new features such Nextbase Emergency SOS. This makes Nextbase the world’s first Dash Cam manufacturer with emergency response in alerting paramedics to your location along with your medical history and blood type in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Award-winning dash cams from the UK’s leading manufacturer. Check back daily for exclusive giveaways, product reveals and announcements.

MSRP $169.99 Now available for purchase on Amazon.

Learn More, Follow, and Shop Nextbase Dash Cams: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram| Where to Buy

OOFOS Footwear for Men and Women

Give your feet some needed support during and after a long day of traveling!  OOFOS are the BEST – shoes, sandals, and clogs that look great and feel awesome!OOFOS - 2019 Holiday Gift Guide - For the Travel Lover





OOFOS are scientifically proven to reduce stress on your body and help you feel better after a workout or during a long day on your feet. Our footwear is powered by OOfoam technology which speeds up your recovery process. #recoverfaster #feeltheOO

OOFOS brand footwear is powered by an innovative, cutting-edge proprietary foam material we designed with a world-class chemist. We call it OOFOAM. The unique OOFEEL of the patented OOFOAM foot-bed delivers unparalleled recovery and cushioning benefits that recharge and rejuvenate your feet so they feel free.

The OOFOAM absorbs the shock from your stride, shapes to your foot, and reduces the fatigue of impact on your feet and legs.

OOFOAM’s revolutionary formulation outlasts the demands of normal wear and tear, extending the OOFOS experience long past the life expectancy of some other footwear.

OOFOAM is non-marking, water resistant, and machine washable. The only way to really connect with OOFOAM is to experience the OOFEEL for yourself!

And if having your feet feel great isn’t enough…your Heart can feel great too. Check out the OOFOS Project Pink – and their donations to the Dana-Farber Breast Cancer Research team.

Learn More, Follow and Shop OOFOS: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | YouTube | Intstgram

Pocklette ™

The perfect place to keep your credit cards and cash safely tucked away, when on the go! Comes in 16 colors plus 2 patterns.  Soft and oh so comfortable against the skin. At just $15.95, a great stocking suffer from the travel enthusiast in your life.

Pocklette Collage - 2019 Holiday Gift Guide - For the Travel Lover


About the Pocklette ™

A Pocklette™ is a portable, private pocket designed to loop around the horizontal or vertical straps of a woman’s bra to hide credit cards, insurance cards, important papers, money, and even passports.

When heading on a travel adventure the ideal spot to wear my Pocklette™ is looped around the horizontal strap of your bra. This is not the spot to put it if you anticipate needing quick accessibility of the items stashed inside. Use it to keep extra cash, cards, ID, phone numbers, etc. in the event your bag happens to be stolen you will always have the most important items with you.

The Pocklette™ has secretly been all over the world.

Note: If you intend to wear a Pocklette™ while flying, it is recommend that you wait to put it on, until after you’ve successfully passed through airport security. If you have it on, with items inside of it, you may be pulled aside and searched by a TSA agent (same thing happens if you forget to take your ID or credit cards out of your pants pocket).

Find more ways to wear the Pocklette™ ———> HERE

Learn More, Follow, and Shop Pocklette: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Busy Beauty

Wipes for on the go cleanliness.  Perfect to tuck into a handbag, overnight bag, backpack, or carry-on.

Busy Beauty Wipes - 2019 Holiday Gift Guide - For the Travel Lover


About Busy Beauty

GET FRESH FAST in seconds with Busy Beauty’s no-water-needed, convenient wipes collection!

The concept for “showerless” products was born out of co-founder Jamie’s difficulty dealing with her beauty routine in her tiny dorm room shower. Between school, part-time jobs, sports, and socializing, she found that showering was consuming way too much of her free time. She began to wonder if there was a way for her to get ready in less time, and Busy Beauty’s Showerless line was born!

At Busy Beauty, we know that confidence is the best cosmetic. Our goal is to keep women feeling fresh, clean, and confident 24/7. Busy Beauty’s mission is to cut down the amount of time needed for a beauty routine, while offering a portable solution that gives fresh confidence all day long.

Learn More, Follow, and Shop Busy Beauty: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Epic Water Filters

Epic Water Filters - 2019 Holiday Gift Guide - For the Travel Lover

About Epic Water Filters

Simple, really. Our multi-patented, supreme-quality, American-made filters are designed by water filtration industry pioneers to bring clean water to the people. Our filters were designed to protect people from the threat of water-borne illness and all the chemical nasties that are found in tap water. Whether you’re traveling in the developing world, or looking to filter your tap water at the gym or office, Epic Water Filters creates water filtration products to fit your life.

Epic Water Filters remove up to 99.99% of contaminants. We sell high-end water filters (with test results) for both indoors and outdoors.

Learn More, Follow, and Shop Epic Water Filters: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

13 thoughts on “2019 Holiday Gift Guide – For the Travel Lover

  • Thanks for the suggestion of a Dash Cam. I think this would be a great Christmas present for my husband who is notoriously difficult to buy for!

  • My husband would love that Dash Cam.

  • I pinned the Dash Cam, because it is a tech tool that, like you said in your article, could save the travelers life! Isn’t that why we give gifts to our loved ones in the first place? If I can find a gift that my loved ones could enjoy and goes that extra mile to keep them safe, then that is the gift I like to buy them. I would like a dash cam myself! Thank you for sharing that this has that extra awesome features!!

  • Great gifts, we travel and they all would work. The Dash Cam is really more important than you think, we needed one because of a car accident. We were at an exit ramp behind 1 car. A car came down going straight extremely fast and ran the red light. The car in front of us had moved forward when the light changed and the car ran into their side banked off them and hit us head-on. I would love to have that on tape to show what happened.

  • My daughter was in an accident a week ago and she was the first car in the turning lane at a complete stop and she was waiting for an arrow, she was talking to her boyfriend not even looking when a car came too far over and hit her head on and he was speeding. Thank God they weren’t hurt seriously but her car was totaled and he told the cops that she turned in front of him. I wish she had a dash cam but she will absolutely have one now, great article!

  • These are really cool gift ideas, I have never heard of a lot of these! The Pocklette is very creative! And of course I would love to have a dash camera as well, it could really help in the case of an accident.

  • The dash cam would make a great gift. I think all cars should have them. I may get my kids these for Christmas.

  • The specs on that Nextbase Dash Cam look great, i haven’t looked at dash cams, but i had no idea they would deliver 1080p HD res. I have a friend checking out dash cams, I will tell her about this one…it’s looks nice, small and unobtrusive too.

  • I don’t get to travel as much as I’d like to, but these are some great ideas!

  • We travel often and I think the Pocklette and the Busy Beauty products are both a woman’s best friend when traveling. But definitely some great ideas!

  • Love that dash cam!

  • I love camping so I would love the Epic water filter!

  • These are some great holiday gift ideas. My nephew is driving now and wants a dash cam.


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