For a budding traveler or a backpacker, according to the Gen-X terminology, it is always a dilemma to decide what to carry and what not to. Whether traveling alone for the first time or with your friends, novice backpackers often forget essential items and then face troubles on the journey. Backpackers who are traveling for […]

Here’s Why Turkey Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination

When it comes to experiencing the taste of an amalgamation of the world, Turkey is always a premium choice. Born out of the womb of Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Turkey has always been the thread that has tied these landmasses together in every respect. Be it food or culture, Turkey has a unique […]

Top 5 Relaxing Couples Getaways in the US

Life can become so hectic that many couples find it difficult to find time for romance. This is especially true for couples who have children. Let’s face it. Date nights can be fun, but sometimes they aren’t enough to reconnect you with your loved one. You have to do more than go to fancy restaurants […]

Go With The Flow: Flexibility Is The Traveler’s Best Friend

When you’re planning one specific trip, or you have one vacation every year or even less often, you should try to be as meticulous in your planning as possible. Know what you want and find the cheapest way to get it. When travel is a lifestyle, however, one of the best tips worth sharing is […]

Adventuring On A Budget – It’s Possible

Travel is a big dream for many people, and if you are one of those who finds themselves staring wistfully out of a rainy window, thinking about the cocktail you had on the beach on your last holiday, then it’s your dream, too. Dreams cost nothing, but unfortunately, adventures do. Not everyone with a hint […]

10 Must-Know Travel Tips for the Dominican Republic

Holidays to the Dominican Republic are growing in popularity with almost 5 million tourists visiting each year. There are beaches, natural beauty and Spanish colonial architecture. You can find lots of Dominican Republic villa rentals with incredible views as well as plenty of all-inclusive five star resorts. But taking a holiday to this Caribbean destination […]

Relaxing Travel: Some Ideas to Consider

Travel is often considered to be hectic and stressful, and sometimes it can be. However, that doesn’t mean it always has to be that way. There are plenty of examples of travel experiences that offer you something completely relaxing and enjoyable. If that’s the kind of travel experience that appeals to you, here are some […]

Escape The Cold – Flash Giveaway Event

What a great way to start out the new year…TRAVEL! I’m thrilled to be participating and crossing my fingers, that one of MY READERS will win. *This post may contain affiliate links* Welcome to the Escape the Cold Flash Giveaway Event, hosted by Dixieland Reviews and Co-Hosted by Golden State Mom, Southern Mom Loves, Nelle […]