How to Embrace Your Beauty and Love Your Natural Self

Everybody is beautiful. Everybody. Now, that fact doesn’t always help the way we sometimes feel about ourselves when we wake up and look in the mirror.
It doesn’t matter how many skincare routines we try out, what new and exciting makeup routines we try out, sometimes our bodies just feel a bit…blah, and our skin and faces have the same look about them.

When your face gets you down (and really, it’s OK to feel like that sometimes) so much that you consider opting for plastic surgery it’s time to think of alternative ways to enhance your beauty- to get you back on track living your fabulous life.

There are many easy ways you can feel good about your appearance, with a few things you can find at home. Here are some of them. 

How to Embrace Your Beauty and Love Your Natural Self

Love The Skin You’re In 

Your health shows on your skin. Dehydrated? It will show. Hormonal? Yup, that shows, too. Something a little more serious? Yes, you get the picture. Your skin maps out your health.  Aside from ailments, our skin will also show us when we’re stressed or unhappy as well. Take care of these things and your skin will revive its natural glow. 

Drink Water 

Yes, we all knew this was coming. Headache? Drink water. Not sure if you’re a little hungry? Drink water? Leg about to fall off? Drink water. Ok, it’s drummed in enough now. However, the body is over 70% water, and we lose some of that water when we sweat and use the bathroom, so it needs to be topped up regularly. Water is the only truly hydrating drink there is. When you’re hydrated, you feel more awake and happy, too. So, drink up! 

Go Bare Faced 

When you’re feeling down about your skin, maybe the last thing you feel like doing is leaving your foundation at home. However, the more makeup you use, the more your pores are likely to get clogged up with nasty, old makeup. Going bare-faced at least once a week will let your skin breathe. Honestly, if you see people out in public, the chances are they won’t even notice that you’re not donned in your usual makeup. 

Get a Natural Pearly White Smile 

Coconut oil is incredible. You may have heard that you can use it to cook with, to shave with, to moisturize with, and even create a hydrating hair mask with– but did you know that you can use this wonder ingredient to help to whiten your teeth? Weird, huh?

 Oil-pulling takes some getting used to, sure, but it is a natural and effective way of enhancing your smile. Give it a try!
If you don’t fancy that, you can also try whitening teeth with charcoal powder. There are several brands of charcoal toothpastes available at your local drugstore. 

Think Positive Thoughts 

The Laws of Attraction tell us that when you speak things into existence they come to pass. This same rule applies to speaking positive, (and sadly, negative…) thoughts about ourselves. It’s easy to become dragged down by feeling bad about ourselves, but feeling good about you truly starts with you. 



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