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2019 Holiday Gift Guide Page – For the Tech Lover

Welcome everyone, to our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide -For the Tech Lover. Check out all the awesome brands below.  Come back often as we will be adding throughout the season.  Beautiful Touches has received these items from brands, as gifts and from family and friends, or have purchased for this years gift giving.  No monetary compensation has been exchanged. All opinions are those of the author. Check out all our Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Publications.

Philips – smart Wi-Fi LED Lighting

Mom husband had a great time driving my quite batty.  Without my knowing it, he installed these bulbs in our gathering room.  I’m going nuts as the lights are going off and on…dimming and then getting brighter and brighter. His snickering under his breath, finally gave it away.  Having said that, these are perfect gifts for those who love being able to control things with their smart phones or tablets. Also great for those who are looking for ways to be just a little greener!Philips - smart Wi-Fi LED Lighting - 2019 Holiday Gift Guide Page - For the Tech Lover

Philips is the leader in providing innovative lighting solutions that enhance the spaces around you, while inspiring the people around you. Offering a wide range of light bulbs and luminaires that meet virtually every need and personality, Philips helps you create the perfect atmosphere for you, while reducing energy consumption so future generations can also enjoy them.

Philips smart Wi-Fi LED bulbs make it easy to dim, tune and change the color of light. No extra equipment or switches needed. Simply change the light with an app or voice device. Available in a range of familiar shapes and styles.

Transform environments, create experiences, and enhance your life with light.


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One Touch SSD by Seagate

Seagate invents, designs, and delivers storage solutions for the world to access and share digital content in all its forms.

One Touch SSD by Seagate - 2019 Holiday Gift Guide Page - For the Tech Lover


Seagate was founded on the belief that data is potential. Our goal is to help humanity maximize that potential by harnessing the datasphere, which is all around us. For over 38 years, we have driven innovation with precision-engineered hard drives and technology solutions that have empowered billions of people and businesses to realize their tasks and their dreams. And we’re just getting started.

Humanity is on the cusp of a new era, the data age. From smart personal devices to large-scale intelligent systems, our world is rapidly being transformed. Data is in flight all around us, affecting us personally, professionally and globally. Seagate will be there to pioneer the way toward a better, smarter tomorrow.

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Gadget Guard

“Scratch Proof Protection for your Electronic Device”.

Gadget Guard - 2019 Holiday Gift Guide Page - For the Tech Lover

The team at Gadget Guard has worked diligently for years to earn a reputation for offering top-quality products, backed up by truly superior customer service. We personally use and love the products we manufacture and sell. Electronic devices are expensive; so if you are going to invest your hard-earned cash in a sweet device, we invite you to protect your investment with Gadget Guard. Our products demonstrate our core principle: Safe Can Still Be Sexy™

Premium Screen Protection
Tempered Glass Display Guards
Clear Display Guards
Privacy Guards
TechTonic Device Cleaner

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Motorola Solutions 

T100 Neon Blue Alkaline Two-Way Radios (Dual Pack) is great for families.  Simple and easy to use for young and old alike.  The T100 is the perfect way for parents and kids to stay in contact when out and about. Great gift for teachers, kids, and anyone that wants to keep in touch.


Motorola Talkabout T100 - 2019 Holiday Gift Guide Page - For the Tech Lover

The Motorola Talkabout T100 series of two-way radios are compact and easy-to-use.  The small size is ideal for elementary age children who aren’t in the cell phone stage quite yet, but they do need to check in with mom and dad in the neighborhood.  They are also fun for hours of playtime time outside!! They provide affordable and reliable communication at the park, soccer field, girl and boy scout outings, weekend camping trips and even enroute to the big game in the car.  They are also ideal for families with a passion for weekend adventures and active lifestyles. These radios are stylish and still provide reliable two-way communications when out of cell phone range.  Perfect for outdoor adventures and for giving kids independence without cell phone fees. They series come in blue and bright pink and easily fits into a pocket.  These feature 22 channels and up to a 16 mile range.

Product Name:  Motorola Talkabout T100

MSRP: $34.99


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JBL Harman – Speakers and Headphones

Portable speakers that my family can’t get enough of.  They take them everywhere. There are even headphones and portable speakers for the kids on your shopping list!

JBL - Speakers & Headphones - 2019 Holiday Gift Guide Page - For the Tech Lover

About JBL

We create unforgettable audio experiences that amplify any moment.

Wherever you are and whenever you want to listen, our unmatched collection of portable speakers and wireless headphones deliver an amazing experience of immersive audio.

JBL’s legendary sound has powered some of culture’s most incredible music moments.

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