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2019 Holiday Gift Guide – Beauty Skincare Hair Care

Welcome everyone, to our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide – Beauty and Skincare Check out all the awesome titles below.  Come back often as we will be adding throughout the season.  Beautiful Touches has received these items from brands, as gifts and from family and friends, or have purchased for this years gift giving.  No monetary compensation has been exchanged. Any opinions are those of the author.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide – Beauty Skincare Hair Care

MoonMag Organic Skincare

Oh my gosh – the Supernova Extra Strong Magnesium Relief Balm is awesome.  Works wonders for my leg pain.  Can’t recommend it enough!

MoonMag Organic Skincare - 2019 Holiday Gift Guide -Beauty Skincare Hair Care


About MoonMag Organic Skincare – Handcrafted formulations that harness Mother Nature’s powerful healing elements, made from premium organic ingredients in small batches.

I started learning about the power of magnesium as a personal trainer and a competitive weekend warrior. As I would train for my competitions I would sustain injuries that would cause downtime which was very frustrating and many of those injuries were very painful. I was also trying to find remedies to help my clients find relief from their chronic pain too. I spent about five years, and a lot of money, researching everything I could on pain management and athletes who were able to stay in their sport long after the typical retirement age. I experimented with my diet and tried many of the ideas widely used and touted for their effectiveness. While a few of the techniques, lotions and potions gave some relief, none provided substantial, long-term relief nor got me back in my game any quicker. It was very disappointing to say the least, and I certainly couldn’t scream from the rooftops about any of them. I tried every gadget, cream, lotion, herb, and natural remedy known to man including going Keto, practicing Cryotherapy (cold baths) which actually did the exact opposite, to hooking myself up to several MarcPro electric muscle stimulator machines at a time every day for almost a year — yeah, I did that I was desperate to figure something out — and a whole lot more, in search for the magic “something” to stop the pain, shorten my healing time and get me back into my game quicker. Then I stumbled upon magnesium while reading about Tom Brady. Intrigued, I started dabbling with it in all its glorious forms but didn’t experience it’s full power until I started making my own lotion and body butter and could control the strength of the magnesium. Once I figured out the effective strength, that was it. Nothing compared to my Magnesium creations. NOTHING! I was a convert and understood why Tom Brady was singing its praises. I could be in pain and rub some of my cream or body butter on the spot and literally within minutes the pain was gone. Not to mention how I felt like a new person the next day. So, in 2017 I started sharing my body butter and cream with people and low and behold, it worked for them too and MoonMag Organic SkinCare was born and has evolved into a whole Magnesium Line.

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Mack for Men

Great style starts with great hair, is Mack for Men’s motto.  Tuck a few products in your guy’s stocking this holiday!Mack for Men- 2019 Holiday Gift Guide -Beauty Skincare Hair Care

About Mack for Men

We went through countless prototypes and formulas. We tested them relentlessly on our own hair and dozens of other hair types. We optimized each new formula continuously and so precisely that every characteristic and benefit we were hoping for was eventually achieved.

The result? Hair styling products that shape your hair perfectly, look amazing, feel amazing and have expensive organic ingredients at affordable prices. We are pretty excited and we genuinely hope you will enjoy using them as much as we enjoyed making them.

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Polished by Dr. Lancer

You can take your skin to the next level with Polished!

Polished by Dr. Lancer-2019 Holiday Gift Guide -Beauty Skincare Hair Care

About Polished by Dr. Lancer

POLISHED by Dr. Lancer is a men’s grooming brand dedicated to helping men live better lives through quality skin care.
It’s designed by men with high standards for men with high standards.

POLISHED began a few years ago, when after a decade-long friendship, which sprouted from our longtime patient/doctor relationship, we
decided to create a high–quality, science-driven skincare product line that was designed specifically to address the needs of men.

Taking better care of your skin, actually improves your overall wellness, and also helps you maintain your youthfulness – who doesn’t want that?!

We’re excited to offer our initial set of products that are both effective and accessible. We hope you’ll give POLISHED a try — it’s truly worth it.

It’s our desire to give men the unmistakable confidence that comes with looking and feeling great.

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Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

I’ve been using the Volumizing Shampoo for a while now, and absolutely LOVE IT! One of their Holiday Gift Sets would make a fantastic stocking stuffer!

Number 4 High Performance Hair Care - 2019 Holiday Gift Guide -Beauty Skincare Hair Care

About Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Number 4 High Performance Hair Care sets the standard for excellence in high quality products that provide users with an extraordinary experience. Each of our collections was created with our mission in mind, to develop a creative, high performance line of products in alignment with the cycles of fashion, science, art, music and industrial design.

Our Liquid Complex Culture™ defines our products and ensures nothing less than a hair miracle. It draws upon water—the spring of health and eternal youth—and an advanced delivery system that extracts tiny molecules from botanical ingredients to infuse unique anti-aging, strengthening, color preserving and purifying benefits.

Our truly superior products are designed to repair and transform all hair types into healthy, luxurious hair. We combine nature’s greatest ingredients, forward-edge technology and innovation to create styles that define new boundaries. We use the highest quality essential oils and extracts to repair damage and keep hair young, supple and color fresh. We gently cleanse without harsh sulfates and style with no stripping alcohols.

We exclude all ingredients potentially toxic to humans, rare vintage couture and our dear environment. Each of our products is 100% Vegan, Sulfate & Sodium Chloride Free, Gluten Free, Bad Taste and Paraben Free. Our formulas are never tested on animals.

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