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2022 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide – Travel

Disclaimer: Beautiful Touches has received products from many of the brands below, to facilitate this article, which is part of our series of Gift Ideas and Buying Guide publications.  No monetary compensation has been exchanged.  All information an images comes directly from the brands.  Any opinions stated are those of the author.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…and I’m ready for family to travel to us so that we can celebrate the season with joy and laughter. How about you? Do you have family traveling to you? Will you be traveling during the holidays?  If so, do you love to travel or do you just travel so that you can get to your destination? Generally, I’m not very fond of travel, but if I plan well, I can tolerate it.  Here are so items that you might want to consider.

Welcome to our 2022 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide – Travel


This is pure genius! How many times, have you struggled to carry personal items, pull luggage and balance your beverages, while going through an airport, train station, or getting checked in at your destination? I know I have many many times.  No more with the riemot Luggage Travel Cup Holder. They come in lots of different colors and patterns. Check out all their travel products before you travel for the holidays.



“AWESOME NOVELTY GIFTS: Perfect for someone who travels a lot and spends a lot of time in airports, including flight attendants and business travelers.

TRAVEL READY: Take your coffee to go! Traveling can be a drag, and you don’t usually have a free hand to hold a drink, but with this luggage drink holder, you can “hold” your coffee, water or any beverage hands-free without spilling.

EASY TO USE: Strong powerful Velcro closure attachable, place the cup holder bag in between the poles of your roll-on suitcase handle, and place the cup or bottle inside the holder.

PATENTED DESIGN: Foldable design for compact storage, it can be folded into a flat shape and is easy to take. Pockets provide storage space for personal items such as passports, tickets, cell phones, sunglasses or electronics devices. This product is a patented design.

UNIVERSAL: The cup holder fits on any roller suitcases with handles from 15cm-17cm wide. It holds 8 – 24oz coffee cups and water bottles.

High quality, reasonable price and comfort in details, from sport and outdoor footwear, shoe’s accessory and travel essentials.”

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My Bevi

I never leave home without MyBevi.  Functional and oh so fashionable!. Keeps my drink cold for hours.  Choose from 12, 16, 20, 24, and 26oz. Tumblers, or 10, 18, and 25oz Canteens, along with 18, 20, and 25oz. Hydration Bottles. Perfect for travel – around the block or across the country.



“The MyBevi brand is made for true individuals, those who don’t settle for undistinguished, off-the-shelf products. At MyBevi, our motto is “Drink Life to the Fullest”. We make products that are as unique as you are, that will fit with your life and style, and go with you wherever life takes you, all the while reducing the waste of single use beverage containers. We craft exceptionally made products that are built to carry the beverages that make you, you. Whether you prefer a robust Italian coffee, a refreshing fruit fusion or good old H2O, MyBevi has a product companion to help you enjoy your favorite beverage in style, and at the perfect temperature.

We invite you to enjoy our assortment of premium MyBevi products.”

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The Patch Brand

No more bottles of tablets, capsules, gummies, or liquids.  The Patch Brand is here.  PERFECT for travel.  No worries about spilling! 5 different “patches” to choose from; Energy, Immunity,k Sleep, Stress Relief, and Focus. Peel – Sick – Enjoy! One a day, might just keep the doctor away.


The Patch Brand


“The Patch Brand was founded by a few friends who saw the problems with supplements and decided to take health into their own hands.

Our wellness patches have the same bioavailability (aka how your body is able to absorb nutrients) as similar vitamin capsules—without the unnecessary fillers. Plus, our carefully sourced ingredients release evenly as long as you’re wearing the patch, for sustained benefits.

Our patches boast botanical blends used by herbalists for years that can be safely absorbed into your bloodstream within minutes of application.

We’ve reimagined daily vitamins to help you feel your best everyday (and night).

The purest form of vitamins. No added fillers, no junk.

Vitamin patches make it easier for you to stick to your health goals. They’re the cleanest and easiest way to get your daily vitamins!”

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Great for your stinky gym clothes, but even greater for keeping your stinky clothes separate from your other clothes when traveling! With the STNKY Bag, your stinky clothes won’t “stinkify” your other belongings. 2 sizes and 4 colors to choose from. 



“STNKY Bags are the new generation of sports, travel & wash bags. STNKY locks in odors, makes washing super easy & separates your dirty from your clean.

Here at STNKY we’re a small, international team of people thinking of ways to make active lifestyles easier.

The first STNKY Bag was created to be a sanitary way to keep your fitness and gym clothes separate from your personal items after a workout, and lock in sweat and germs. While designing, we figured, why not add in a built-in wash net so you can toss the whole thing in the wash without having to touch it.

Now, STNKY washable bags are used widely by runners, gym buffs, travelers, boaters, swimmers, and even healthcare workers and first responders so they can conveniently transport and wash their dirty scrubs and uniforms.”

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Gladly Family…Pod™ Diaper Bag Changing Station & Travel Cot

Where was this when I had babies?  Next to genius!  All-In-One Diaper Bag, Changing Station, and Travel Napper. It’s almost like brining the nursery with you when you travel!

Gladly Family




“We offer practical, thoughtfully designed, and dependable products that offer tremendous value to new families.

Baby gear made better! Makers of the Best Beach Wagon for Kids, chosen by Good Housekeeping.

Designed with intention | Manufactured with integrity | Focused on what your family needs.”

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  • You have some great ideas here. I am starting to shop for Christmas so I’ll check these out.

  • I love all the amazing gift ideas; I must add some of those to my Christmas list. Since I will be starting shopping for Christmas real soon.

  • The Patch Brand supplements look really interested. I would definitely give these a try!

  • I love that travel pocket for the suitcase. This would be so useful for the airport.

  • I would gladly travel with the bags from Gladly Family. They look so fashionable and comfortable.

  • These look like some wonderful products. I have a few of the My Bevi water bottles, and they are really nice.

  • These are all really great and amazing gift ideas! This is so helpful thanks for sharing this with us!

  • These are just amazing gift ideas for all the travellers! I have seen the luggage travel cup holder ads on TikTok and was planning to get one. I’ll check out the Riemot Luggage Travel Cup Holder 😍.

  • I like the first gift with the cup carried on the luggage with a laptop. Very convenient.

  • I need the stinky bag for my son’s gym class. He carries dirty gym clothes around on PE day in his backpack. All of the teens do. I have packed a plastic bag but he ignores it. Maybe this would be a better solution.

  • We always carry water bottles when we travel domestically or internationally. Those water bottles are nice. Thanks for the ideas!


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